What Leonard Ong, Singaporean Windsurfer And Olympic Sailor, Eats For Breakfast

'Train hard, eat harder' seems to be 2015 SEA Games silver medalist and Olympic sailor Leonard Ong’s athletic mantra.

What's for breakfast today?

I slept in this morning to recharge and decided to order Grain delivery — strawberry with arugula tabbouleh salad.

Reasons for your choice of breakfast?

It's strawberry with arugula tabbouleh salad. A handful to pronounce but a mouthful of greatness! Breakfast is always filled with fruits. Blueberry on pancakes, banana and nut bread, and orange juice!

Strawberry makes me go crazy! I like having salad as it fills me up without feeling heavy for the day. There is a good mix of carbs, fibre, and even chicken in it! It's good stuff.

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What do you usually take for lunch and dinner, and why?

I love my mid-day coffee. It gives me the additional boost to fuel me up for the day. I'll normally try to have a well-balance meal, nothing fussy. As we burn a lot of energy, it is very important to fuel up. 

Since our lunches are normally during competition hours, we try to have light food like bananas and nuts. 

However, once we are back on shore, it is important to have a filling dinner. I will go for local food like wanton mee. We love to have Thai food like Thai basil pork rice as my coach (Sakda Sakulfaeng) is Thai. He is a great chef and you can't imagine a Thai not eating rice! I will try to have at least one serving of carbohydrates like rice to replenish the energy that I spent at sea.

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Any food or beverages you don’t consume? 

I can't eat fatty pork. It's weird having a jelly substance that is salty. 

I don't consume bitter Chinese Herbal drinks or strange cocktails like Bloody Mary. I'll faint when I see too much blood.  

Some professional tips for an athlete’s diet?  

I've always thought that as a windsurfer, it is important to fill ourselves up with food that we love! We workout a lot and we burn a lot in the process.

We do not have any food restrictions as it is important to allow the body to replenish and recharge. However, it is important that we have carbohydrates, meat, and veggies in meals.

Eat to your heart’s content, enjoy it, and train harder tomorrow!

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