What Al-Qaasimy, Singapore And Geylang International Defender, Eats For Breakfast

McDonald's before a match? Al-Qaasimy, Singapore And Geylang International Defender, shares his meal plan.

What's for breakfast today? 

Roti Kirai from Bedok Corner! Well, for a start, I'm not a morning person. As a professional footballer, my routine is worked around training and match schedules so I'll wake up just before lunch, shower and get changed before heading out for a drive to search for brunch.

On most days, brunch will be whatever I was craving when I woke up. It can be as simple as cereal or anything from the neighbourhood. 

Reasons for your choice of breakfast?

Honestly, I'm not particular with what I eat during breakfast, lunch or even dinner. I eat what I feel like eating.

Today, it was Roti Kirai! Normally, one plate is never enough and I’ll go for two servings. Once I’m full, then the day can start.

What do you usually take for lunch and dinner, and why?

Brunch is normally the first meal of the day and it’ll be something heavy to get going. Things like nasi lemak, chicken rice or mee goreng that can last me till dinner after training.

Some days, it can be as simple as sandwiches, biscuits or fresh fruits. And when it’s supper time, my car-enthusiast kakis or teammates will tell me where to go!

But believe it or not, I actually have a Filet-O-Fish on match days! Not because of nutrients or proteins but it is my pre-match ritual.

It started when I had a craving for McDonald's before a game so I had a Filet-O-Fish, went on the pitch, and had a great game where my team won. So it has been ongoing ever since.

Any food or beverages you don't consume?

Coke, because my dentist warned me to not drink it as it'll stain my teeth. Soya bean was my favourite drink until I realised how it always made me break out after consuming it.  

Kacang pool, as it contains some kind of ingredient I'm actually allergic to. Other than that, I'll eat anything and everything that is available. I'm not a fussy eater.

Some professional tips for an athlete’s diet? 

As much as I eat whatever I want, I'll try to select the best possible source of protein after every gym workout, training or matches.

Stick to the foods or diets that will not make you feel guilty after having them. Even if you were to eat something sinfully sweet or salty, make sure you balance it with an exercise to sweat and burn everything out after that. It’s all about balancing things out.

So my theory is, eat what I want because I know I’ll run my socks off at the end of the day. There is no either or, it comes as a package.

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