This Singaporean Guy Lost 25kg To Get Back Into Muay Thai Championships

Kickboxing champion Terrence Teo shares how to land a body shot to your gut.

Previous weight: 95kg
Currrent weight: 70kg
Occupation: Trainer
Time taken: 6 months


In 2013, Terrence Teo dislocated both shoulders in a sparring match. The injury required surgery, and put the then-amateur fighter out of action for over a year.

“I couldn’t even run,” the 25-year-old recalls. “I stayed home, in front of the computer, and ate whenever I felt bored. That’s when I became 95kg.”

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After his shoulders recovered, Terrence started exercising to prevent his weight from spiralling out of control.

“I told myself to at least keep it below 90kg,” he muses.

In May 2015, he starting training at a local fight club in a bid to lose more weight – dropping 10kg in four months, which led to an opportunity to turn professional and compete for a title belt at the Johor Open Pro Muay Thai Championships.

That prompted him to drop an additional 16kg in six weeks in order to qualify for the middleweight class.

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Is it safe to lose almost 3kg a week?

“At first I asked myself that question too,” Terrence says, “But my coach told me it should be fine – as long as it’s not done by suddenly cutting out water and food.”


Terrence started his boot camp with two weeks of strength training, in addition to muay thai. The idea was to build muscle to balance the overall decrease in body mass.

“Then I gradually added cardio with 5km runs,” he explains. “When my weight loss started to plateau, I’d up my runs from five days a week to seven. My mental game had to be superstrong. I was so close to giving up. One time, I was in tears wondering why I was doing this.”

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Three rules summed up Terrence’s diet.

“One, no sugared drinks,” he says. “Two, no fast food. Three, no oily food.” He also had to forgo favourite foods, including curry puffs and sardine puffs.

When a craving hits, he throws himself into training. “When you exercise, you won’t think about being hungry,” he advises. “Drinking water also helps. It’s all about distracting the mind.”


“The biggest pay-off is qualifying for fights and earning title belts,” says Terrence, who emerged a title winner in his Johor 2015 debut fight.

He won the middleweight title at this year's Singapore Fighting Championship – recently showcasing his skills at the Active Red Singapore sports event.

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