McDonald's New National Day Menu: Is It Worth The Calories?

So, are you thinking of trying out McDonald's new Nasi Lemak Burger, Chendol Mcflurry, Coconut Pie or Bandung McFizz? Here's whether they're worth the workouts after.

Nasi Lemak Burger

How Many Calories: about 550

How Does It Taste: Not bad, really. We skipped the queue by going via drive-thru, and our car was immediately flooded with the familiar fragrance of Nasi Lemak, which just whet our appetites. Were we disappointed? Not really- the flavour was quite authentic, though the sambal could have been abit more hotter, and one wonders why they didn't try doing this burger with a rice patty ala Mos Burger instead. 4/5

Chendol McFlurry

How Many Calories: about 500

Sugar, sugar, sugar. To be fare, this is dessert. But is it really optional in this instance? You know it's almost impossible to resist. Visually, pretty legit- we could see the chendol jelly bits and gula melaka sauce.. though both were abit sparing. Would have been even more awesome if there was more of both, really. 3/5

Coconut Pie

How Many Calories: about 250

We read somewhere before we took a bite that this was filled with nata de coco.. which didn't sound very platable. But then after chowing down we realized it was chockful of coconut sauce.. and man was that rich and flavourful. It would have been even more awesome if it was real coconut meat in the pie... but then it would have probably raised the cost beyond their usual pie prices as well. 4/5

Bandung McFizz

How Many Calories: about 300

Watching the counterstaff prepare this, we realized that it was simply just rose syrup and sprite. Hardly the most inventive of drinks- and the taste showed. But then again, bundung really is just rose syrup as well, so we couldn't say this drink didn't taste unauthentic. Just pretty underwhelming. 2/5

Your Calorie Total: 1600 Calories

Feeling guilty after chowing down on this? Here's what to do to burn it all off.

-Cycle at moderate effort for 3 hours

-Play football for 2 1/2 hours

-Swim for 3 hours

-Lift weights for 3 1/2 hours

-Run for 1 1/2 hours

-Skip rope for 2 hours


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