Wearing Patterns

Draw The Line
Straightforward bold stripes work best without layering. Keep the combo simple with a single family of tones and fine print, like houndstooth on the trousers. Complete the look with a hit of bright colour that stands out, like yellow on the sneakers.

Country Code
The rustic collaboration of jeans and checked shirt gets noticed against a cityscape. Play up the provincial charm with a newsboy cap and sockless sneakers.

Square Off
Argyle – the diagonal checkerboard print – combines well with solid colours. Pair the bolder pattern with subtle shades for top-bottom balance.




Earn Your Stripes
When it comes to stripes, bright colours like red are tempered with muted tones like black or grey – creating an impact without being overly loud.

Mix Master
Throw together different patterns for a unique look. Here, the stripes on the pullover take precedence over the finer Glen checks on the pants.

Do The Polka
Smaller dots (the size of a five-cent coin or smaller) make an interesting shirt pattern without making you look clown-like.


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