Men's Health Grooming Awards 2010 Best Products

The winners of the Men's Health Grooming Awards 2010 are the cream of a crop of 200 new products that we've handpicked from the sea of men's grooming range out there. From the best products for your face to the best body lotions, shavers, fragrances and products for your hair and teeth, we tested these products to help you make an informed choice. 

Every man’s grooming needs are unique, and that explains the gamut of men’s grooming products that are available these days. There are moisturisers for normal-to-oily skin, a variety of shaving foams with different benefits, hair products for sensitive and dry scalps, and even different versions of a scent that are meant for use at different times of the day. We’ve also noticed some new trends.

Products that offer anti-ageing or youth-enhancing benefits are on the rise and targeted at younger men as a preventive measure, and at older men as a curative. And with more scientific evidence highlighting the damaging effects that unprotected sun exposure has on our skin, there has also been a rise in the number of sun care products that are no longer just limited for use when you’re at the beach. The new generation of sun care products are lighter-textured and suitable for everyday use.

We understand how frustrating it can be to pick something without knowing what may or may not work for you. So we tested these products for you to identify which are the ones truly worthy of a place in your cabinet. We present the winners of the Men's Health Grooming Awards 2010.



(From left to right)

Best Face Moisturiser
Biotherm Homme Aquapower Absolute Gel, $39, Biotherm counter, Isetan Scotts, Tel: 6333-8459
Air-conditioning, hot weather and lack of sleep contribute to skin dehydration, which causes it to look dull and shallow. Use a gel moisturiser for quick absorption into the skin.

Best Skin Brightener
Lab Series Power Brightening Serum Advanced, $69, Lab Series counter, Metro Paragon, Tel: 6733-9015
A build up of pigmentation causes the skin to look darkened and dull. A brightening serum breaks up this pigmentation for a lightened look.
Best Lip Treatment
Nivea for Men Activecare Lip Balm, $4.10, Watsons stores,
Chapped lips aren’t pretty and neither are overly glossed ones. Use a chapstick that keeps your lips moist and leave a matte finish.
Best Toner
The Face Shop Neo Classic Homme Ener-Surge Toner, $29.90, The Face Shop, #B1-13 Wisma Atria, Tel: 6884-9501
A toner serves three important functions: It cleans the skin completely, rebalances its pH level and provides rehydration. It also helps the skin absorb moisturiser more effectively. 
Best Skin Firmer
Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Rebuilder, $98, Biotherm counter, Robinsons Raffles City, Tel: 6339-7685
Gravity and natural skin ageing cause the facial contours to sag. Massaging your face is an effective way to keep it firm.
Best Oil Control Face Wash
Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser, $36, Origins counter, Isetan Scotts, Tel: 6887-0179
Eighty per cent of men have oily skin. Use an oil control cleanser, which helps get rid of oil without stripping the skin of moisture.
Best Anti-Wrinkle Cream
Lab Series Max LS Age-Less Face Cream, $118, Lab Series counter, Isetan Scotts, Tel: 6235-2052
Start early to slow down skin ageing. Use an anti-wrinkle cream to keep skin hydrated and nourished.
Best Overnight Treatment 
Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, $90, Kiehl’s, #B3-54 Ion Orchard, 6509-8941
Use a nutrient enriched treatment serum to boost skin repair when you sleep.
(From left to right)
Best Eye Contour Moisturiser 
Molton Brown Bright Vita Eye-energy Serum, $64, Molton Brown, #B1-51 Ngee Ann City, Tel: 6736-4636
Carefully apply eye contour moisturiser with the clean tips of your ring fingers, massaging in a circular motion.
Best Face Scrub 
Billy Jealousy Sucker Punch Face Scrub, $32, Whathewants,
An exfoliating scrub thoroughly removes dead tissue without being rough on the skin. 
Best Sunscreen
Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense (SPF 50), $68, Kiehl’s, #B3-54 Ion Orchard, Tel: 6509-8941
A tiny bit of sunscreen applied onto the face and neck goes a long way in protecting the skin against the sun’s damaging UV rays, which accelerate skin ageing.
Best Acne Treatment 
Garnier Pureactive Spot-on Roll-on, $19.90, Watsons stores,
Skin should be cleaned before applying acne treatment. Apply it onto the pimple only and leave to dry. Healing may take one to four days. 
Best Oil Control Moisturiser
L’Oreal Men Expert Pure & Matte Bright Moisturizing Oil Control Gel Cream, $18.90, Watsons stores,
Oil and water don’t mix: Skin that is oily also has a tendency to be dehydrated. An oil control moisturiser hydrates the skin and keeps the surface matte.
Best Face Mask 
Menscience Facial Cleansing Mask, $55, Whathewants,
Using a mask once or twice a week lets you treat skin deeply. A cleansing mask is useful for removing dead skin to unveil a fresher appearance.
Best Face Wipes 
Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Cleansing Wipes, $15.90, Watsons stores, 
Wipes come in handy when you’re at your desk or travelling and have no access to a sink. Imbued with cleansers, wipes help to mop up dirt and grime thoroughly.
Best Face Wash 
Garnier Men Aquafuel Energising Detoxifying Gel Wash, $8.90, Watsons stores, 
Face wash rids the skin of oil and dirt – nesting materials for microbes that cause skin problems. A gel cleanser does this effectively. 


 (From left to right)

Best Pre-Shave Prep
Lierac Homme Express Shaving Foam, $28, Watsons stores,
When it comes to achieving a close shave, use thick foam. It holds beard hairs upright and lets the razor swipe.
Best Aftershave Soother
Kyoku for Men Razor Repair Balm, $58, Whathewants,
After a shave, your skin could become irritated and sensitive. A light moisturising balm can help soothe the discomfort.
Best Razor, Special Recognition Award
Gillette Fusion Gamer, $19.90, Watsons stores, 
If you favour a closer finish, a wet shave is the way to go. Keep your razor sharp to avoid shaving injuries. The Gillette Fusion Razor has been given special recognition as this is the third successive year it has won the Best Razor category.
(From left to right)
Best Shampoo 
Redken for Men Clean Spice 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo, $38, Capello Loft for Men Pte Ltd, #03-14 The Centrepoint, Tel: 6738-5054
Shampoo and condition your hair, and stimulate your senses with this aroma-infused shampoo to perk yourself up for the rest of the day. 
Best Scalp Treatment
Billy Jealousy Hair Raiser Follicle Revitalizer, $120, Whathewants,
Hair can do with vitamins and nutrients to aid growth and health. Apply this specially formulated hair cream to your roots for best effect. 
Best Anti-Dandruff Leave-In Treatment 
Keratase Homme Capital Force Anti-dandruff Treatment, $48, Reds Hairdressing, #B2-10A Ngee Ann City, Tel: 6735-5711
Leave-in treatments work to ensure your dandruff stays away. Massage this into your scalp for the best effect. 
Best Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 
Molton Brown Anti-dandruff Jackberry Hairwash, $51, Molton Brown, #B1-51 Ngee Ann City, Tel: 6736-4636
Dandruff often draws unwanted attention and causes your scalp to itch. This hairwash leaves your scalp feeling clean and refreshed. 
Best Styling Product
Phyto Fiber Paste, $32, Phyto counter, Level 1, Robinsons The Centrepoint, Tel: 6730-6705
Taming an unruly mane can be difficult without the right styling product. This versatile paste will help hold your hair up any way you want. 

(Left to right)

Best Toothbrush
Philips Sonicare
, $235, Best Denki,
The cleaning power of automatic toothbrushes help create a brighter, whiter smile. The highspeed vibration helps break up the plaque in the mouth.

Best Mouthwash
Listerine Total Care Clean Mint, $9.90 (750ml), Guardian,
Rinsing with mouthwash helps you reach places a toothbrush cannot. Rinse for 30 seconds after brushing for fresh breath.  
Best Toothpaste
Sensodyne Rapid Relief, $8.15, Guardian, www.
For those of us with sensitive teeth, hot or cold drinks can often cause extreme discomfort. A good toothpaste can help reduce these reactions. 
Best Toning Product 
Billy Jealousy Six-pack Slimming Solution, $75, Whathewants,
Further define those abdominal muscles by massaging this lotion into problem areas. 
Best Body Wash 
Redken for Men Mint Rush Hair & Body Wash, $28, Capello Loft for Men Pte Ltd, #03-14 The Centrepoint,Tel: 6738-5054
Men on the go require toiletries that are easy to pack and use. This body wash comes in a handy tube that fits easily into any gym bag. 
Best Body Lotion
Menscience Advance Body Lotion, $65, Whathewants,
The face is not the only place that needs moisturising. Don’t neglect your body – moisturise daily to maintain your skin’s hydration and suppleness.
Best Body Wipes
Gatsby Ice-Type Deodorant Body Paper, $3.50, Watsons,
Keep a pack of wipes in your messenger bag or at the office as a quick and easy way to freshen up, and to pick yourself up during those lethargic afterlunch periods. 
Best Body Sunscreen
Nivea Sun Moisturising Immediate Sun Protection Collagen Protect SPF 50, $22.60, Guardian,
Excessive exposure to the sun without protection results in premature development of pigmentation on the skin. A good sunscreen helps slow this down drastically.
Best Body Scrub
Clarins Men Douche Exfoliante Shower Scrub, $35, Clarins Counter, Level 1 Isetan Scotts, Tel: 6735-0376
Exfoliating dead skin encourages new skin cells to surface. It also ensures an even tan at the beach. Scrub down once a week. 


(Clockwise from top)

Traditional Scent 
Dunhill 51.3N
, $83, Dunhill counter, BHG Bugis, Tel: 6223-2222 
From a typical day at the office to a Sunday morning brunch with the family, this one’s for the man who understands the importance of hard work and family.

Seductive Scent
D&G Anthology No. 6 L’Amoureux
, $98, D&G counter, Takashimaya D.S, Tel: 6506-0369
From a wild night out on the town to a relaxed drinking session at the pub, this is for the man who enjoys socialising and meeting new people. 

Sporty Scent
Davidoff Champion, $124, Davidoff counter, Tangs Orchard, Tel: 6738-4567
From a good crosscountry run to a gym workout, this scent is for the man who appreciates working up a good sweat.

Distinguished Scent  
Sean John I Am King
, $120, the Estee Lauder counter, Robinsons The Centrepoint, Tel: 6734-8768
Taking you from dinner to the theatre, this is a scent for the man who knows how to enjoy the finer things in life. 

Adventurous Scent
Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Collection No. 3
$89, Ralph Lauren counter, Isetan Scotts, Tel: 6733-1111 
From rock climbing to trekking in the rainforest, this is for the man who enjoys trying out new things.

Next: Products that provide more bang for your buck

Grooming products that provide more than a bang for your buck.

Nivea For Men Whitening Acne Oil-Control Cleanser & Scrub
$9.90, Guardian,
This cleansing scrub combines whitening properties to even out your skin tone, acne control ingredients and an oil control formula to guard against future breakouts. 
Nugeno Ultra Hydrate & Energize Cleansing Gel
$8.90, Watsons stores,
This cleansing gel provides essential nutrients that re-energise your skin, reduces signs of fatigue and stress by accelerating cell re-growth, and leaves behind a cool sensation. 
L’Occitane Verdon Invigorating Shave Gel
$26, #B1-33A Ngee Ann City, Tel: 6737-7800 
This fresh gel turns into a thick foam to ensure a smooth shave. It also contains plant-based soothers to reduce skin irritation after shaving.
Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief
$9.90, Guardian,
If you have sensitive teeth, you’ll experience pain when the tubes leading directly to the nerves in the teeth are exposed to heat or cold. Colgate’s Pro- Argin technology helps seal these tubules and minimise the pain.
Gatsby Quick Moving Mist Crush Move
$11.90, Watsons,
This two-in-one hairstyling product is both a wax and hairspray. Its light texture doesn’t weigh your strands down, but still gives a long-lasting hold. 
The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Deodorant Spray
$19.90, The Body Shop, 
The quick-drying formula of this spray helps combat odours and leaves skin feeling fresh. The easy-to-carry bottle also fits conveniently into any gym bag. 

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