Fashion Tips To Get You Noticed

While men are generally what-you-see-is-what-you-get creatures, women read into all sorts of things – even the way you dress. So use that to your advantage. Our panel of female experts reveals a few style points that will command her attention. Use them to snag her.


Play It Smart
“It’s nice to see a man make the effort to dress up when he’s going out with me,” says Ning Lieu, beauty writer. “And wearing a jacket is an easy way to instantly style up an outfit.”

Fit is everything in menswear, says Noelle Loh, Her World fashion writer. “Make sure your jacket falls squarely on your shoulders to look smart,” she says. Also, it should fit across your chest with enough room for your hand to just fit comfortably inside. Any more and it’ll look too bulky. Pay attention to the length of your sleeves – only about 2cm of your shirt cuff should show.

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Next: Add a finishing touch.

Add A Finishing Touch
Depending on where you’re taking her – to a jazz concert, for example – the humble tie can help to dress up your look. “Wearing one also shows that you care enough to dress up,” says Li Yuling, associate editor of Shape magazine. “The only time it doesn’t work is if it’s covered in ugly prints.”

Wear a skinny tie with a soft-collared shirt. For a stiff collar or if you’re wearing a suit, a broader tie works better. Simple or classic patterns such as stripes, houndstooth or argyle will complement a solid-coloured shirt. For a patterned shirt, a solidcoloured tie or one with a single accent would work.

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Next: Appeal to her senses.

Appeal To Her Senses
You want to look so good that she won’t be able to keep her hands off you, right? Women like knitted fabrics simply because they are soft to the touch. “On the right guy, knits can be very inviting for me to snuggle up to,” says Betty Wong, designer with Home & Decor magazine.

Knitwear tends to cling, which complements a slim or slightly muscled physique. It doesn’t work as well for men who are too beefy or overweight.

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Next: Show some attitude.

Show Some Attitude
What she finds attractive in a “bad boy” is not so much his predisposition to mischief but his rebel spirit. “I like a ‘bad boy’ because I think he judges less,” Wong says. Score points for creativity: “A corporate guy who swaps his blazer for a leather jacket also gets noticed because it’s unexpected,” adds Loh.

It can go so wrong: Shoulder pads dripping with chains and greased-back hair are not part of the ensemble. Therefore, invest in a genuine leather jacket – something classic that won’t date and that will get better the more you wear it.

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Next: Execute the basics well.

Pull Off The Basics Well
Don’t discount the pulling power of a crisp, well-cut white shirt. “Call me old school, but I love men in white shirts – and not just for work,” says Li. “The classic shirt is also versatile and can be worn with different trousers. There are so many ways to rock it. Wear it with bermudas, stone-washed jeans or khakis.”

A white shirt that is turning yellow is losing its brightness. This will send her running in the opposite direction. Keep your shirts fresh. If you buy cheaper ones, replace them regularly. If not, invest in a few expensive ones and have them dry-cleaned.

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Next: Mind the details.

Mind The Details
Add personality to your outfit with accessories. “Spend good money on a good watch – or your wedding band,” Li says.

A chunky bracelet can be worn for work or when you’re off duty. You can also add a silver bracelet on the same hand – or the opposite one. But just one will do.

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Next: Where to buy.

Banana Republic #03-06/07 Paragon, Tel: 6737-2600
Bill Tornade Tang & Co. Men; CK Jewellery, Esprit Timewear, Library all from Tangs,
Beetlebug #B1-28 Wisma Atria, Tel: 6732-7790
Carrera Eyewear AS Optics, #B1-069 Lucky Plaza, Tel: 6235-8823
Ecco #B2-21 Ion Orchard, Tel: 6509-3070
Gap #01-18 Wisma Atria, Tel: 6732-0438
Raoul #02-02 Paragon, Tel: 6737-0682
Ted Baker #B1-42/46 Ngee Ann City, Tel: 6836- 4696
Thomas Sabo #B1-26 Ion Orchard, Tel: 6509-8829
Tissot #02-08B Raffles City, Tel: 6227-8390
Topman #B3-02 Ion Orchard, Tel: 6509-8567
Uniqlo #B2-38/#B3-51 Ion Orchard, Tel: 6509-1073

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