Facial Hair That Will Impress The Ladies

From the stubble to the beard, your facial hair has the potential to exude the kind of masculine maturity that women find attractive (Click here to find out which style suits you best). But, before you start dabbing whiskey on your face in the hope of faster facial hair growth, we have to tell you that a study in the British Journal of Dermatology found that your potential to grow a George Clooney-esque scruff or a Gerard Butler-type beard, is still largely dependent on your genetics. While we can’t exactly change our genes, our experts tell you what you should – and shouldn’t – be doing in your noble quest to grow a beard that will impress the ladies.  
Do: Improve Your Diet
Hair follicles need nutrients, just like the rest of your body. Studies show that deficiencies in iron, zinc, copper and protein can cause hair loss, says Dr George Cotsarelis, a dermatology professor at the University of Pennsylvania in the US. The good news: It’s easy to improve your diet. Go for eggs, broccoli, spinach and fish, as they’re all good sources of those nutrients.
Don’t Do: Slap On Whiskey Or Testosterone Cream
“Rubbing alcohol on your body can cause the skin to become flushed and turn red. As a result, some people think it promotes circulation,” says Dr Joseph Yang from Aesthetic & Medical Clinic. Testosterone creams don’t work either, reveals a study in the British Journal of Dermatology. Hair follicles are located in active areas of the skin where testosterone is processed, but there is still no proven link between this hormone and hair growth. Your potential to grow a beard is still predominantly a question of genetics, says the study.
Do: Take A Child’s Dose Of Aspirin Daily
Try taking a child’s dose of aspirin daily, says Dr Wilma Bergfeld, head of clinical research in the department of dermatology at the Cleveland Clinic. In the same way that aspirin can promote a healthy heart by improving blood flow and controlling inflammation, it can also encourage a healthy scalp and, quite possibly, facial hair growth as well. Dr Bergfeld also recommends taking zinc and B vitamin supplements, as they’re both vital for healthy hair.
Don’t Do: Rely On Shaving For Faster Facial Hair Growth
Contrary to urban legend, shaving doesn’t make your facial hair grow faster, nor does it boost your testosterone levels (and neither does having more sex), says Dr Yang. Ever heard of hair growing faster in wintry climates? That’s a myth, too, he adds. Fact: You can take great pains to groom your facial hair, but there’s really not much you can do to make it sprout faster.



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