Choose the Right Spectacle Frames to Suit Your Face

The challenge in finding the perfect spectacle frame is finding one that complements your face. “Of course, there are rules when it comes to choosing an appropriate pair of spectacles or sunglasses for a particular face shape,” says Elsie Siow, owner of Mayfair Optical House. “Different types of frames have different effects on the face. You must learn what is most appropriate for you.”

There are four main face types, or shapes, that people typically have, and each of them requires a specific type of frame that helps to bring out the best features of a person's face shape.


“If you have an elongated
face, an oval frame will have
the effect of ‘shortening’ it,”
says Siow. “This creates a
more balanced appearance.

“For round faces, go for angular
frames. They help create
dimensions,” says Siow. “It will
also help your face look slimmer.”

“For ‘squarish’ faces, round
frames will help to soften the
edges, creating a more balanced
appearance,” explains Siow.
Stay away from square frames,
as this will sharpen the angles of
your face.

“This is the most versatile
of faces,” says Siow. “You
can try a variety of frame
designs – square, round, or
oval – and they should all look
fine.” Don’t be afraid to try
new designs and ask for that
second opinion.


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