8 Factors to Consider Before Buying A Watch

Men don’t wear jewelry that much, so the watch is often a man’s main accessory – and it can say a lot about his personality and style. The watch that you choose is really an extension of your style, so it's crucial that you choose one that is really a reflection of you.

Here are eight factors to consider before deciding whether to splash out on an expensive watch for your collection.

A chronograph is a watch with an ability to measure time intervals – much like a stopwatch. For those of you who have a need for the chronograph function, it can help you time your runs and keep time for your buddies.  If you are just wearing it as a fashion statement, it can lend that extra kick to complete a masculine and sophisticated look.

A must-have for all speed junkies, the racing-inspired watch is often accompanied by a tachymetric bezel (the outer rim of the dial): a scale that enables you to calculate the speed of a moving object. This type of function is essential for Formula One drivers and fans alike.

Quartz Movement
If you want a watch that’s fuss-free, get one with a quartz movement. Unlike a mechanical watch, a quartz watch doesn’t need winding as its power comes from a battery (that needs to be replaced from time to time). Watches with a quartz movement are also the most affordable and most accurate time keepers readily available to consumers at present.

Self-Winding Mechanism
To power up a mechanical timepiece, you must wind it either manually or its winding is done automatically. If you’re a busy professional who prefers to let technology do the work for you, opt for an automatic watch.

If you’ve always been mesmerised by your watch when it glows in the dark and wished it would never lose its luminosity, get yourself a timepiece that uses micro gas light – a material that emits light on its own. The micro gas tubes fitted in the hour and minute hands, and hour markers, ensuring that you’re able to read the time even in extremely low-light conditions.

Crystal vs. Glass
The cover of a watch’s dial is usually made of sapphire or mineral glass. While sapphire crystal is more resistant to scratches than mineral glass, it’s also more brittle – meaning it’s more likely to chip or crack when both materials are exposed to the same amount of stress. If you enjoy the rugged life, like rock-climbing at Bukit Timah or trail-biking on the weekends, make sure you opt for a watch that won't damage so easily. 

World Time Function
If you’re a globetrotter who frequently travels across various time zones, then a watch with a world time function would be ideal for you. With the ability to display time in 24 different zones, you’ll be able to jet-set the world over and never lose track of the hours.

Diving Watch
Like the racing-inspired watch, the diver’s timepiece is de rigueur in every man’s timepiece collection, whether he’s a diver or not. A typical diver's watch has a water resistance of up to 200m before it qualifies as a diving watch. So we are definitely not referring to a splash in the local public swimming pool. For those of you are diving enthusiasts, look out certain models that can go as deep as 1,000m.

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