Things You Wished You Knew As A Newlywed

  • 1. Not everyone goes through the honeymoon period
    1 / 5 1. Not everyone goes through the honeymoon period

    After the highs of exchanging promises at the ceremony and celebrating your romance with loved ones, it’s probably natural to expect that you’ll be even more loving after the wedding. Truth is, if this is your first time living together, or spending an extended time together, there may be bound to be conflicts. These aren’t major, but little things like cleanliness, sleeping at different times, and toilet schedules, especially if you both have to head for work around the same time can cause minor arguments if you don’t communicate properly.

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  • 2. You'll have sex all the time
    2 / 5 2. You'll have sex all the time

    Well, you may not, especially if both of you have been living together for sometime before the wedding already. Sure, sex may occur more frequently in the beginning, when you’re full of youthful vigour, but you have to be realistic about schedules (i.e. if you’re working early hours on week days), and actually plan for certain times to get intimate.

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  • 3. Role stereotypes
    3 / 5 3. Role stereotypes

    In this day and age, gender stereotypes should really be tossed out of the window. But it’s inevitable that in the first months into your marriage, you may feel like your wife should play the role of a good housewife, getting dinner ready, keeping the house spick and span, while you’re in charge of bringing home the dough. Truth is, you’re probably both holding full-time jobs, and it’s unfair to expect one person to be constantly in charge of the household chores. Instead, try working out a schedule where you both chip in equally when it comes to getting the groceries, cooking your meals after work and so on, so none of you end up resenting the other for not pulling his or her weight.

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  • 4. Love is all you need in a marriage
    4 / 5 4. Love is all you need in a marriage

    It’s definitely important, but maintaining a marriage takes a lot of work, too. For instance, there will be conflicts once in a while, and it’s on to the both of you to resolve them as best as you can. Unlike being in a relationship, there’s no way to walk out of it (unless you split legally, which should really be your last solution). Plus, there may be issues you both never realised, or never got around to discussing before, that may surface. 

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  • 5. You have to spend time together all the time from now on
    5 / 5 5. You have to spend time together all the time from now on

    It’s common to want to spend a lot of time with your new spouse, and while that’s nice, it shouldn’t be the case. You’ll still need time for yourself, for your friends and hobbies, and vice versa.

    By Felicia Tan for Her World

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