Affairs In Singapore: These 4 Guys Reveal Their Indiscretions

  • 'I pick up young women at KTV bars.'
    1 / 4 'I pick up young women at KTV bars.'

    Entertaining clients in my line of business is a very common thing. What my wife doesn’t know, or at least pretends not to know, is that while entertaining clients, I entertain myself too.

    I often take clients out to KTV bars, where the singing is always secondary. There are young women who are willing to have more than just a chat. Once, I made out with one of the women in the back seat of my car. I felt young again. I hadn’t felt that way in years. – C.H. Yong, a construction business boss in his 40s.

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  • 'Wife saw my date's text."
    2 / 4 'Wife saw my date's text."

    My work requires me to travel, and I make use of these opportunities to have escapades with various women. Once, I went on a weekend getaway with a young woman, telling my wife I had to travel once again for work. I left my mobile phone at home, realising it only as I was driving to pick up my weekend date.

    When I returned from the getaway, my wife asked me how my trip was. I was surprised she bothered to ask, but it turned out that my date had sent me a text telling me she was waiting for me, and my wife had seen it. I lied that the woman had been with my colleagues and me, but my wife laughed scornfully: She knew there had been no official event because she had called the office to check. She had also seen all the messages from colleagues warning me that the girl had been trying to reach me. I now have a travel partner on all my business trips: my wife. – Casey, an event manager in his late 50s. His wife suspected all along that he had been having various flings, but they’ve decided to remain married for the sake of their teenage son.

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  • 'We travel as a group and have affairs.'
    3 / 4 'We travel as a group and have affairs.'

    My friends and I take regular trips to Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. Three guys in our group of five are married, and the remaining two are in supposedly serious relationships.

    But whenever we travel, we take a holiday from our morals, and we all frequently hook up with someone – more often than not, it will be for paid sex. Our wives and partners always think we are playing golf or away on business. I suppose doing it as a group gives us more courage to be unfaithful – with less guilt. – Samuel, a business owner in his 40s. He has been married for 15 years and has two children, 12 and six.

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  • 'Had a fling with an office intern.'
    4 / 4 'Had a fling with an office intern.'

    It started off innocently enough, with me showing her the ropes. Soon, we were going out for meals together, even on days when I was supposed to be off work. I’d come into the office pretending to be clearing some work when in fact, my only purpose was to see her.

    I’m sure my colleagues knew exactly what I was up to, but no one bothered enough to say anything to my face. We were never physically intimate apart from a few kisses, and the relationship ended last year when she started seeing a guy almost half my age. – Jacob, a publishing executive in his 40s. He has been married for eight years and has a four-year-old daughter.

    Text by Cara Van Miriah

    This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine April 2015.

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