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Sex & Relationships
Bring the right game

It's really confidence, charm, sincerity and loyalty that win women over, says Pascale Leong, former Female 50 Gorgeous People finalist.

Marketing manager Diane Chan is outgoing, curious, and loves trying out new things. Just don't say she's tardy if she's a little late once in a while.
Want to get your girlfriend out of her funk? You don't need extravagant gestures to cheer her up. Here's how to be thoughtful and subtle about it.
Studies have shown that women feed off their partner's self-confidence and the more self-assured they are, the greater they value and initiate sex. How do you turn her into this tiger?
This adventurous public relations consultant is a fan of war movies. That's good enough for us to don our musty camo garbs and go to battle for her.
Enough about her big “O”! It’s time for you to make your own orgasms truly mind-blowing.
One minute, she's resisting all your bedroom advances and the next, she's tearing your clothes off in the kitchen. Find out what triggers those sudden urges (and enjoy the benefits).
Our guest Her Say columnist, Faye Mui, mourns the death of chivalry. Here's her plea to all you guys out there.
A good time at at your favourite hangout can end up a nightmare if your girl can't hold her drink. Help manage her alcohol intake before she starts imitating the Merlion in front of everyone.


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