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Sex & Relationships
Bring the right game

It's really confidence, charm, sincerity and loyalty that win women over, says Pascale Leong, former Female 50 Gorgeous People finalist.

Have her longing for you all day long with this breakfast-to-bedtime seduction plan.
You’ll need to put in some effort to get her to give you the blowjob experience you want.
Be warned: If you plan on using rubber in the tub, pool or shower, you’ll have to deal with the increased risk of slippage.
Explore the very imaginative female mind, and you’ll find out why she sometimes gives you those strange looks.
You now have a reason to leave the vacuuming to her: Experts say that a couple has more sex when the wife does all the housework.
...because only with compulsory conscription can the fairer sex be place on an equal footing with their male counterparts, says our female writer.
Sex: It’s the best prescription out there for a man who wants to protect himself from cancer, hearts attacks, stress and more.
Two top reasons to practise yoga: this very lovely 25-year-old model and yogi, Muqimiya, and three-day long orgasms.


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