Your Guide To Her Pleasure Spots

By Loh Yu-Kym

According to sex studies, every woman has at least 10 erogenous zones on her body that every guy should know when it comes to foreplay.

For most men, 10 hot spots may just be too many, or take too much time, to deal with. Even I think it’ll be somewhat time consuming.

So to help you zoom in on the spots that really matter, I got my boyfriend to help – and found the top six.

During foreplay, I asked him to stimulate me one area at a time according to the instructions I provide. He would have to continue until I could determine whether it had any effect on my sexual arousal.

What I experienced was one of the best foreplay sessions I’ve ever had. And this is my report.

1. Hands
He first placed his fingers on the upper part of my hand and spread them out slowly and lightly towards my fingers. According to Lauren Slade, founder of the Universal College of Reflexology in the US, the skin on the upper part of ourhands have touch-sensitive receptors, and it awakens other parts of the body.
Verdict: I found myself excited by the seemingly innocent movements of his fingers. And due to the tingling sensations on my hands, my other sense were heightened.

2. Lips
He kissed my upper lip and held it in between his lips. He gently nibbled the central ridge of my upper lip, called the philtrum. Two major cranial nerves are close to the surface here, and nibbling this point releases oxytocin, the hormone released during orgasm, says Helen Fisher, PhD, an anthropologist.
Verdict: It felt much more intense and pleasurable than the usual method of lip-kissing. At this point, I felt a warm flush all over my body – the oxytocin, perhaps?

3. Tongue
It was time for my tongue to get some action. He teased the tip of my tongue with his, then pressed my tongue between his lips. According to sexologists, our tongue contains many nerve endings. These release the arousal-inducing neuro-transmitters serotonin and dopamine.
Verdict: The passionate tongue teasing gave me a slight “high”. But, guys, you have to take extra effort to be gentle here and not shove your tongue down her throat.

4. Neck
He brushed his lips up and down my neck. He also hummed softly as he approached my jaw. Dr Thomas Swift, president of the American Academy of Neurology, says because the skin is thinner where the body flexes, the nerves in these areas are closer to the surface, which results in enhanced sensations. Also, humming near the jaw bone stimulates the your skin’s Pacinian corpuscles, which release calming endorphins.
Verdict: At this point, the “high” was intensified, and the humming seemed to have enhanced the gentle brushing of his lips around my neck.

5. Back
He caressed my shoulders and collarbone with his hands. Next, he kissed and licked my left shoulder and collarbone, followed by my right. He then concentrated his attention on the central area between my collarbones (applying gentle pressure on it with his fingers) and then licked it lightly. The densest nerve region is where the clavicle (collarbone) connects to the sternum (the breastbone, which connects the left and right collarbones), explains Dr Swift.
Verdict: By this time, his gentle touches and kisses were very erotic. I never realised the clavicle was such an erogenous zone – until now.

6. Inner Thighs
With his fingertips, he circled the back of my knees and moved his fingers up along my inner thighs in complete strokes – but without touching my groin. “Women want to wonder: What is he going to do next?” says sexologist Debby Herbenick. “That mindset is crucial for psychological arousal and orgasm.”
Verdict: The lack of physical contact in the expected area got me wanting more. You can guess what happened next! 

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