Women Share Their Biggest Sex Turnoffs

Here's what you do that turns off the ladies, according to thousands of them.

Men and women have always had trouble seeing eye-to-eye on issues that range from complex and serious to "I told you, it's fine." So, in the interest of bridging the gap between the two sexes, Reddit asked both men and women to reveal the things the opposite sex does that bug them the most.

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Though there were a range of responses, there was a common thread among some of the most popular answers, and, guys, it's clearer than ever that we need to stop acting so impressed by our own penises.


"Unsolicited dick pics," "overly complex facial hair," and "too much cologne" were also listed as some of the biggest turn offs. However, the worst offense was, predictably, something that we're doing wrong in the bedroom:


And here you thought you were getting her so hot. Maybe it's time to start expanding your repertoire a bit.


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