Why It's Best To Have Sex In The Morning

Take advantage of your morning wood.

Morning is when a man's testosterone levels peak, and combine that with nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) - morning wood to you and me - we don't blame you for feeling horny first thing when you wake up. Even more so after that dream involving Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis and a bathtub full of jelly. NPT causes guys to experience erections three to five times while he's sleeping. How do you take advantage of this? We get the experts to suggest ways to make morning sex great for you (and just as satisfying for her). 

Do These The Night Before
Follow these steps the night before to wake up in a world all set for sex.
a. Make the bed with Egyptian cotton sheets.
They’ll regulate her body temperature, which quickens the blood flow around her body, making her more easily aroused.
b. Get some peppermint oil to dab on your pillow.
Researchers at West Virginia University  in the US found its smell increases alertness – cutting the chances of a mumbled “Not  now”.
c. Leave a gap in the curtains.
“Melatonin lets us sleep, but blocks our sex hormones,” says Dr Mehmet Oz. “Sunshine causes a decrease, increasing sex drive.”
d. Place some mouth spray by the bed.
“Women’s noses are more sensitive,” says sex therapist Dr Joy Davidson.
Wake Up With A Bang
The key is in getting the timing perfect. Learn to sync your early morning body chemistry  to get the most out of your session.
a. Body clock
Research from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the US found that her wake-up cycle is six minutes shorter than yours. Set your alarm to 6.39am, so your brain  catches up with hers.
b. Body temperature
Your body temperature is lowest at 4am and peaks in the morning at around 10am,” says physician Dr Kelly Travers. Research from Canada’s McGill University shows it takes 10 minutes for her body to heat up enough to become sexually aroused. So, pull her close and spoon to maximise contact. You’ll warm her up, literally and figuratively.
c. Testosterone
“Levels are 30 per cent higher in men in the morning,” says Dr Tammy Nelson author of Getting the Sex You Want. According to the American Journal of  Clinical Chemistry, testosterone is highest in a man’s body between 4am and 8am. And the good news is, that goes for her, too. Top up her arousal by stroking her hairline. A study in Nature Neuroscience revealed this stimulates “C-tactile nerve fibres” that  trigger the pleasure zone in her brain.
A word of advice: if you want to top-notch quality testosterone in the morning, go to bed early the night before. A US study found that sleep was one of the most important factors contributing to morning and overall testosterone levels.
It's Too Early To Try The Helicopter
Choose the right sexual position for more pleasure and less work.
a. Doggy style
Although this  requires considerable amount of energy and coordination, the good thing is, from here, you can encourage her to experiment. “While we’re half asleep, we can bypass our busy minds and experiment in ways she may normally resist,” says Dr Nelson.
b. Missionary
This is one of the positions that require the most amount of energy from you,  and minimal from her; not much coordination is needed either. The plus: This move puts pressure on her bladder. “When women tighten to control a full bladder, it’s the same musculature used for orgasms,” says Lou Paget, author of How to be a Great Lover.
c. T-square
This position requires some explanation. Get her to lie on her back and raise her knees. Slip yourself under her knees to enter her (your pelvis should be under her knee area). Your body will be perpendicular to hers, forming a T. This move requires
minimal energy but a little more coordination. Nonetheless, the “T” shape is a great low-energy morning position, says sex blogger Betty Herbert. Lazy morning sex at its best.


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