What You Should Know About Choosing Condoms

Condoms aren't merely for protection against diseases, they can make sex more enjoyable for the two of you. These days, there are various types of condoms available that have been designed for enhanced pleasure in bed. Here are some tips every couple should know when selecting condoms.

1. Get Condoms That Are The Right Size
When picking up a pack at your nearest convenience store, be sure to get condoms that are of the right size. You may be tempted to over-emphasise how big you think your penis is, but according to our experts, don't do it. Dr. Martha Lee, clinical sexologist (Eroscoaching.com) and Men's Health Advisory Board member, says, "A poorly-fitting condom can undermine its effectiveness in preventing sexually-transmited infections (STIs) and pregnancy, as well as interfere with the pleasure and sensations for both partners during sex." But because the manufacturers may use slightly different measurements, you may want to try with different condoms available until you find one that's most comfortable for you, Dr. Lee says.

2. Try A Textured Or Flavoured Condom
A common gripe about condoms is that sometimes, they dull the pleasurable sensations you feel during intercourse. Today's condoms are designed to amplify your sexual pleasure while still maintaining the safety standards expected. Here are some of our picks.

a. Ribbed
According to Okamoto, ribbed condoms are for couples looking for the ultimate sensation. Dr. Lee agrees, "They offer more friction during penetration." This is due to the ridges around the condoms itself which offer more pleasure to both men and women. If you've ever complained that your typical plain rubber takes the fun out of sex, ribbed condoms may be your answer.
Try: Okamoto Harmony Vibra Ribbed, Durex Sensation

b. Ultra-Thin
Ultra-thin condoms can almost replicate the sensation of sex without a rubber - what some call a "bareback" feeling. Okamoto suggests these if you want to enjoy a more natural sensation during sex. The Okamoto 0.02 Hydro Polyurethane condoms, for example, transmit heat better than regular latex condoms, and this enhances the pleasure during love-making. Although they're much thinner than standard condoms, ultra-thin ones don't compromise safety as they're designed to be equally reliable as regular condoms when used correctly. 
Try: Okamoto 0.02 Hydro Polyurethane

c. Flavoured
Did you know that the flavour in flavoured condoms are from the personal lubricants used? They're one way to encourage safe oral sex for partners who don't enjoy the taste of latex, says Dr. Lee. The weirdest we've heard? Curry-flavoured condoms! If you like some spice in your life, you know what to do. But be warned that the flavoured condoms you've picked aren't just novelty items for oral sex. Opt for established brands and check the box to clarify whether the condoms can be used for vaginal intercourse, too.
Try: Durex Select Flavours

3. Beware Of Allergies
Some people are allergic to latex so you can imagine that it can get embarrassing (and not to mention frustrating) when you're about to slip the rubber on and find out about this allergy. An alternative to latex would be polyurethane condoms. Those made of this material are usually thinner, stronger and less constricting than latex condoms. Because of this, they can help to increase sensitivity, and ultimately, pleasure, Okamoto says. 

4. When In Doubt, Go Thin
If you don't have time to scan through the entire aisle of rubbers, pick the thinnest possible type you can. They allow for more sensation, says Dr. Lee. For guys, thinner condoms offer better sensation and pleasure, although the increased sensitivity may work against you if you suffer from premature ejaculation.  

But everyone will develop their own personal preferences over time, so the best way to find out about yours is to experiment so that you'll eventually find the brand, or type, that both you and your partner enjoy.


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