What She Really Wants On Valentine's Day

When Men's Health polled 100 lovely ladies what gifts they best preferred come February 14,  your usual suspects didn't quite make the line-up. In fact, flowers  ranked No. 10 while chocolates didn't even make the list. According to one of our respondents, women want gifts that take them away and pamper – they want stuff that will “wow” them.

Wow, that's a tough one. But fret not, we got together some experts to shed some light on how to make this year’s V-day a “Wow!” for her, and truly fail-safe for you.

Whisk Her To Paradise
Actually, this is a no-brainer. The girl wants it all. Take her away for a weekend, and you don’t really have to go far. Just across the Causeway. Redang Island in Terengganu hides the kind of getaway that she’ll love (and love you for taking her). The
Berjaya Beach Resort is built in an alcove of the island and offers activities that you can do together: diving, golf, and for her, fullservice spa facilities. To get there, Berjaya Air has made traveling easier with a daily 1-hour-25-minute flight from Singapore (Seletar Airport) to Redang on a 48-seat Dash 7 aircraft.

Feed Her Posh Nosh
You should know by now that taking a woman out to dinner is not just about breaking bread. It’s about sharing an experience. It’s about quality time. “Women fall for the guy that plans ahead,” says chef Emmanuel Stroobant, owner of Saint Pierre The Restaurant (#01-01, Central Mall).  “Champagne with caviar, lobster and foie gras are a must for a special occasion like this,” says Emmanuel. “It’s a sure way to impress her and fire up the passion for the night.”

Surprise Her With A Branded Bag
First of all, when it comes to getting a branded item for your gal, you need to find out what brand she likes. “The best way to do it is to look at the brands that she totes, and also the brands that she talks about,” says Andre Neo, marketing communications executive for Raoul. So, pay attention to what she carries, and use your ears when she’s talking about shopping with her gal pals. If you hear a brand name that comes up again and again, ask her about it, and what she likes about it. She will readily fill you in with a commentary that will make your shopping trip a breeze. But be mindful of that woman’s intuition, because she’ll be expecting you to “surprise” her with at least a tiny minaudiere (read: clutch bag, small and without handles) from her favourite brand.

Invite Her Horseback Riding
Horseback riding is a sport that combines adventure with romance. “It creates a better memory, and sets it apart from all the regular dinner and movie dates,” says writer Diyana Alan. “Because of the interaction, it helps us to see a different side of your personality.” That means she’s looking to see if you’re competitive, if you like animals and if you’re going to be a gentleman when she’s struggling through her lesson. “What’s a real turn-on is someone who impresses at the sport we try, but without trying too hard.” Sharing some tips to help her is fine, trying equestrian stunts that may land you in hospital is not. For riding lessons, contact the Singapore Polo at 6830-8187 or e-mail

Take The Love Boat

Remember Titanic? That’s right, she remembers it too. While all cruise liners we know will not indulge an “I am flying” fantasy at the bow or a “you jump, I jump” fantasy at the stern, a cruise liner is designed with all the trappings to feed a blossoming or an enduring romance – great food and excellent service. Take her and explore every corner of the cruise liner. And if you’re resourceful enough, we’re sure she’ll agree to fogging up a hidden cabin somewhere onboard. Check out
Star Cruises for the luxury cruise liners coming to our shores. You can choose between different itineraries and destinations. A bonus for you: the ship’s casino opens when you reach international waters… Wear something spiffy and get her into something slinky, and order a pair of Martinis.

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Spoil Her Senses
Why do women dig all this pampering? “Women run around all day at work and at home, taking care of all kinds of errands,” says Maya Calica from Female magazine. “A day at the spa lets us be taken cared of for a change.” But wouldn’t that be something you’d rather do with your girlfriends? “It’s good to do it together as a couple because it allows us connect without any disturbances,” she says, “and of course, it makes us feel special when you accompany us while we’re doing something that we like.” ComfortSpace (#06-19, Paragon) provides a full range of spa services to help both of you unwind together. You can get a massage while she gets a facial.

Buy Her Lingerie
It's not as tricky as you’d think, according to fashion editor Antonia Chang. “Most women would wear lingerie for a man because we know that men want to see us in it,” she says. However, the type of lingerie would also depend on what the she is comfortable with. “Some women like basic lingerie, while others prefer sporty, and the rest may go for lacy and perhaps something raunchy,” says Antonia. Balance your personal preference with what she’s comfortable with, or… “To push her comfort level, make it fun,” says Antonia, “some playful cajoling and lighthearted role-play usually does the trick.”

Say It With Diamonds
For women, jewellery is usually regarded as a meaningful, romantic and thoughtful token of your appreciation. How come? Because since time immemorial, men have expressed their appreciation for women by giving them jewellery – so you have your forebears to thank for starting the tradition. Find out what she likes by looking at the kind of jewellery that she wears. Does she prefer yellow or white gold? What kind of rocks does she like? Coloured ones: Emeralds, rubies or sapphires, or is she a diamonds-are-a-girl’s-best-friend kind of girl? Simple or outlandish?

Buy Matching Watches
Here’s a fascinating social phenomenon, according to Antonia Chang. “Successful career women, like their male counterparts, are going for big, expensive watches,” she says. “It’s a kind of ‘penis envy’, because these women value watches as a status symbol too.” However, when it comes to presenting your special lady with a timepiece, try one that matches yours. “Couple watches are fun,” says Antonia, “and they represent a celebration of your commitment to each other.”

Forget Roses, Go Exotic
Okay, how much have you spent on flowers for your girlfriends over the years? Well, the shocker is that flowers are at the bottom of our Top 10 list. Flowers, like greeting cards, are quintessential, and therefore common. And women, bless ’em, don’t want common on Valentine’s Day, they want every gesture that you make to reflect how truly wonderful they are. And you’re not just limited to roses. “Apart from rose bouquets, exotic flowers like runtuntulus, calla lilies and cymbidum also make very special gifts on Valentine’s Day, especially for women who enjoy something different,” says Ash Yeo, proprietor of Shiroi Floret Lifestyles.

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