What Jay-Hykel Jailani, Singaporean Rugby Player, Eats For Breakfast

A 4000-calories-a-day diet is what keeps Jay-Hykel Jailani, Singaporean rugby player, going the extra mile.

What's for breakfast today?

Six eggs cooked with butter, salt and pepper. English scrambled eggs style! I paired it with two slices of bread, about half a litre of milk and ended it off with an apple.

Reasons for your choice of breakfast? 

I try to eat about 4000 calories a day and breakfast is the most important meal, so I try to hit just a little over a thousand for it. That is enough to give me a good energetic start to the day.

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What do you usually take for lunch and dinner, and why?

My staple food items would be steamed chicken rice with breast meat, steak with mashed potato, sushi, a different fruit after each meal and some almonds to top it off.

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Any food or beverages you don't consume?

I don't consume fast food, processed food and try not to eat too much oily food. I try to eat food that come in their natural state!

I don't drink anything sweet, carbonated and gassy. Water is the way to go!

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Your professional tips for an athlete’s diet?

Try to get a good mixture of colors for your fruits and veggies, it'll give you some some good range of antioxidants.

Try to aim for at least two different fruits in a day and many people neglect the benefits of yogurts and nuts. Snack on them in between meals, it's a good mix of good fats and protein. Totally healthy and takes away the hunger pangs.

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