Upgrade The Missionary For Maximum Pleasure

A little bored by your routine pumping and thrusting? Don't worry, you won't need to resort to pulling off the 'helicopter' to keep things interesting. Make these slight tweaks to the missionary position and enhance your excitement like never before.

Take It Outside
Place your legs on either side of hers, rather than in-between. For extra friction and a tighter squeeze, this version of missionary is hard to beat. “The tighter squeeze from her thighs feels great on your penis, but the angle of penetration means you have more staying power — you won’t reach climax so quickly as you can’t thrust quite so deep inside,” says Dr Pam Spurr, author of Sinful Sex. “Your penis also pulls and rubs on her clitoris, making sex phenomenally exciting for both of you.”

Raise Your Game
Put a couple of pillows under her behind. The missionary position gets a lot of stick, and quite rightly, because while your pole gets fully waxed, her clitoris doesn’t even get to touch base. And, in the words of Sadie Allison, author of Tickle Your Fancy. “If she ain’t getting hers, you’re not going to be getting yours, honey!” Angling her pelvis towards yours by using one or two pillows will increase clitoral contact for her, so she’ll be far more likely to orgasm.

Just Add Water
Soak a sponge in icy water and, just before you enter her, wedge it between the top of her pubic area and yours. Each time you thrust, cold water will squirt out over her vaginal lips and on to your penis. “The genitals are usually a few fractions of a degree warmer than the rest of your body,” says psychosexual therapist Vicki Ford, “The sudden contrast of cold will feel very intense, bringing even more blood to the area and increasing sensitivity.”

Hand Her The Reins
Do it now: Provide your good lady with a lasso: A silk scarf, a tie or even a belt, then have her use it to regulate your thrusts. The missionary position is considered boring because the woman is seen as being in a submissive position — handing her a tool to take control of your thrusting equalises the power. “If she takes an end of a scarf in each hand, then holds it tight against the underside of your behind, she can pull on it to bring you deep inside her,” says Emily Dubberly, author of Brief Encounters: The Women’s Guide to Casual Sex, “and release to let you back out.”



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