Turn Her On In 3 Minutes

Five tracks that will get her into the mood by the time the last chorus ends. Soundtrack your sex life with...

Track: Sam’s Town by The Killers
For: Quickie Sex
The Reason: Indie rock speeds up her body’s physiological response. Researchers at the University of Pavia in Italy found that subjects’ heart rate and arousal levels increased when they were exposed to music with a quick tempo and simple rhythmic structure. The bonus? You’ll burn 35 calories with 20 minutes of sex.

Track: Beat It by Michael Jackson
For: First-Time Sex
The Reason: Familiarity is relaxing. The Long Island Conservatory music school in New York found that participants who listened to their favourite tracks had lower anxiety levels than those who listened to music they didn’t like. “Emotional response,” says study leader George Stefano. “It’s a feel-good system that relaxes us.”

Track: Massacre by 50 Cent
For: Casual Sex
The Reason: In a study by Dr Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick at the Ohio School of Communication, women who listened to racy lyrics had sex in their brains. “They had been primed to think about sexuality and were more likely to view everything from that perspective,” she says.

Track: Viola Sonata by Shostakovich
For: Posh Sex
The Reason: If she perks up, you’re on to a sure thing. A survey found that viola lovers are “most likely to have sex on a first date” and “most likely to have had 10 or more sexual partners”. Superb.

Track: The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance
For: Kinky Sex
The Reason: In a study of college students by California State University, those looking for physical stimulation listened to punk and metal. “The sexually promiscuous are more likely to engage in sensation-seeking,” says Rob Weisskeirch, a professor of human development. So the next time you meet a goth chick who likes skydiving, buy her a drink.


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