Top 5 Female Erogenous Zones—And How To Touch Them

Touch these sensitive parts of her body and make her hot in seconds.


1. Erogenous Zone: Fingers

Our fingers, which we use to touch and feel, are dense with touch-sensitive receptors.

Place your fingers together in the middle of her palm, then spread them out lightly towards her fingers. It awakens other parts of her body, says Lauren Slade, a US-based couple therapist. Continue to arouse her by licking and sucking her fingers.


2. Erogenous Zone: Neck

“The skin near the neck is thinner, and the nerves and blood vessels there are closer to the surface,” says Sandor Gardos, PhD, founder of

“Brush your lips between her throat and chin,” he says. Hum softly as you approach the jaw. The vibrations from humming travel along the bone and into her inner ear, stimulating the skin’s Pacinian corpuscles (nerve endings in the skin), which release calming endorphins.


3. Erogenous Zone: Lips

Two major cranial nerves are close to the surface here, says Dr Cameron Clokie, a US-based maxillofacial surgeon.

Gently lick or nibble the central ridge of her upper lip. Nibbling it releases oxytocin, the same hormone discharged during her orgasm, says Helen Fisher, PhD, an anthropologist at Rutgers University in the US.


4. Erogenous Zone: Ears

The edge of your ears are filled with multiple nerve endings. Some women can climax just from stimulation of their ear lobes, says Linda De Villers, PhD, a US-base sex therapist and author of Love Skills.

Lightly rim her outer ear with your fingers. As she responds, graze it with the tip of your nose, says Anne Hooper, co-author of 269 Amazing Sex Tips And Tricks For Men. “Just hearing you breathe will turn her on,” she says.


5. Erogenous Zone: Feet

“It’s the ultimate erogenous zone,” says Michelle Ebbin, CMT, a US-based massage expert. Many women enjoy having their feet touched or licked.

If you prefer not to lick her feet, give her a foot massage instead. “You should press in and stroke hard enough to give her pleasure – but not hard enough to cause pain, or light enough to tickle,” says Robert Schwartz, author of The One-Hour Orgasm.


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