Teach Her The Male Pleasure Zones

4 main male hot spots she needs to know.

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Sexual pleasure is not a one-way street. You've taken the time and effort to map out her body's hot spots (and all those orgasms to prove it) but what does she know about yours? Make sex more enjoyable for yourself and teach your girlfriend how to fully arouse you. These are the four main male hot spots she needs to know.


One area is the small, triangular region on the underside of the head of the penis where a thin strip of skin, the frenulum, runs from the head to the shaft.


The other area follows the raphe, the line you can see and feel that runs along the center of the scrotum. Ask your partner to trace a finger along this line, from behind 
the scrotum to the front, then up the penis. Hang on.


Most men don’t know that the fleshy 
island between the scrotum and anus (called the perineum) even exists. Have your partner lift your testicles with one hand and use the forefinger of the other to massage this spot with deep circular strokes. The pleasure comes not from the proximity to the penis, but from the prostate gland, which lies just inside the lower pelvic cavity. Stroking the perineum stimulates the gland, a major hidden hot zone.


Men’s chests have the same potential for erotic pleasure as women’s breasts. In both sexes, the breasts are richly supplied with nerve endings, especially in the nipple area.


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