This Singaporean Facebook Chatbot Can Help You Pick Up Feminists

Got a crush on feminists? This Singaporean Facebook chatbot can give you pick-up lines.

There's a way to charm feminists without incurring their wrath, and you can probably do it with the help of the Feminist Wingbot.

It's actually a Facebook chatbot created by Singaporean Dillah Zakbah, and a pretty smart one that dishes out respectful pick-up lines to make any woman swoon.

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According to Mashable, Dillah was inspired by recent events - like the Women's March on Washington - that resulted in the creation of this chatbot.

"It is apparent that the 'third wave' (of feminism) is now a shared topic that is of interest to most females," she said.

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"There are a lot being talked about equality and feminism in the workplace, home (and) career, (but) not much about love life."

Below are some examples of what you can expect.

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 If you're clueless about pick-up lines and what could work best, you may want to check this bot out.


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