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Sex & Relationships

She's Gonna Dump You....


You're not the only one sizing up the relationship. She's most likely to ponder an escape from Coupletraz.

After So-so Sex
The first time something goes awry in the sack (your stiffy goes soft, she can't orgasm, you fall out of her loft bed...) makes a woman wonder if the chemistry between you was fleeting. She'll ask herself how attracted she is to you really.

Make Her Stay: Reassure her.
The more romantic and reassuring you are, the more likely she'll stick around after the sorry screw. To that end, put your arms around her and say something like, "I wish we weren't so off tonight, but I'm sure next time will be amazing." 

During Your Buddy's Big Bash
It's the first time she's partied with your friends. This is an opportunity for her to see how you behave with your buds, how you deal with flirtatious women, and how you handle your liquor.

Make her stay: Only have eyes for her.
Introduce her as your girlfriend and give her lots of attention throughout the night, even though there are a million things distracting you.

When Disaster Strikes
Something horrible has happened to her, to someone she cares about, or to the world at large.

Make Her Stay: Don't leave her alone.
Get to her side ASAP, or at the very least, call often to check on her. Leave her sad and solo during a rough time and she'll immediately be convinced that she can't count on you.

After Her Friend's Engagement
As  she eyeballs the new rock on her friend's finger, her mind will naturally wander to her own future wedding. Can she picture you at the altar, smiling lovingly as she promenades down the aisle? If she can't imagine being happy with you for a husband, she'll seriously doubt whether she should continue dating you. A talk about here your relationship is going is likely to follow.

Make Her Stay: Be positive.
Expressing a positive outlook -- even if you're not making promises -- is the best way to ward off her panic. Tell her you can imagine being happily married to her someday.

On Her Birthday
Turning a year older sends a girl into a stressful spiral of relationship reflection. Is she settling for you? Is your relationship as happy as it could be? Should she break up with you while she's still young and try to find Mr Perfect?

Make her stay: Put a lot of thought in your gift.
She'll take the thoughtfulness of your gift as a sign of how well the relationship is going. Make sure it's personal -- like a necklace with her favourite stone in the pendant, or a framed black-and-white photograph of her favourite vacation spot.



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