The Sex Toy You’re Not Using

You already know all the good, responsible reasons why a condom is an excellent idea (except when you’re trying for a baby, of course). But here’s one more: Did you know that by using a condom, you can increase her sexual satisfaction? A study by the Kinsey Institute in the US found that women who used condoms and took the pill reported higher sexual satisfaction – and not just at the point of orgasm. They also enjoyed higher sexual self-esteem and relationship gratification.

Using condoms can reduce the stress associated with worrying about unwanted pregnancies, and help her feel safer and less inhibited, so that she can have more fun. The condom is not only a great way of getting protection but also handy for spicing up your bedroom repertoire.

Want to find the perfect condom, and get some ideas on the fun things you can do with it?

Choose The Right Condom
- Although they are stretchable and can be unrolled long enough to cover great lengths, condoms certainly are not one-size-fits-all. There are extra large and snug ones to cater to wider and smaller girths respectively.

- Some men might need a little more room at the bulb, while others may prefer those that are tapered at the base for a snug fit. Whatever your preference, there are condoms of various shapes and sizes available at pharmacies, convenience stores, speciality shops and on the Internet to suit your every need or kink.

- Latex condoms, together with correct usage and adequate lubrication, offer good protection. If you dislike reduced sensation or have encountered condom-tearing, you may want to try polyurethane ones. These transmit heat better and are stronger than latex rubbers, so such condoms can be made much thinner and feel more sensual than latex types, thereby enhance your experience.

Get Her To Use Her Hands
- There’s no real need to rush to finish the job, is there? Instead of rushing to get the condom on, ask her to do it in a slow and deliberate manner, with some rubbing and teasing. Guide her to create a ring with the thumb and index finger of each of her hands, and wrap them around the base of your penis.

- As she strokes your shaft a number of times – varying this with a switch to up-and-down movements – she should repeat till she decides to unroll the condom over your member with the downward strokes. She would have her hands full when she applies lubricant slowly, while rubbing and stroking you. The lubricant will allow for a smoother glide when you’re both ready for penetration.

- Now, keep the good times rolling.

Oral Assistance
If you’re planning a special night, the last thing you’d want is a sexy moment ruined by the terribly un-sexy graphic illustrations that come in the condom pack. Well, it doesn’t have to be like that.

- Applying a condom is not simply about getting it on but also how you get it on. It’s about being in a sexy mood, guiding and encouraging each other, relaxing and enjoying the moment together. To have a little fun, try getting it on using just her mouth.

- You’d want to choose a flavoured, non-spermicidal condom, given no woman likes the taste of rubber. And you certainly don’t want her to get a tummy ache from the spermicide. Remove the condom from the wrapper and identify the right way up. To remove the bubble, she could either twist the teat of the condom before placing it in her mouth, or press the teat against the upper palate of her mouth, then place the condom on you.

- Now, for the main event: With her lips covering her teeth (note: never use your teeth when handling the condom – even the slightest of tears would render it unsafe), she would unroll the condom. (You’ll have both your hands free, so, please, make good use of them.) This method is not as easy as it sounds, so don’t forget to display your amazement and gratitude, especially when she accomplishes it for the first time. And we certainly don’t mean just giving a round of applause.


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