Score At Her Oral Exam

 So you want to go down on her but you're not quite sure what to do when you're down there? Or do you feel like your jaw is going to cramp up and still no orgasm? Fret no more; here's how to arouse her with just your tongue, fingers and maybe a mint.

Be Ready To Experiment

All women have different preferences during oral sex, so the best advice is to experiment: Use both sides of your tongue, for example, or let your tongue go soft in such a way that you’d slur your words if you tried to speak. While you work through the lineup, ask her to provide a play-by-play of what she’s feeling. When she can no longer speak, it’s because her loins are screaming the equivalent of “Goalllllllll!”

Suck On A Breath Mint

Freshen up your breath and give her unexpected pleasure in one move. The peppermint oil in some mints can cause a mild irritation that brings a flushed, warm sensation to the skin—especially the thin skin of the vagina. If a strong mint is too much to swallow before sex, a menthol throat lozenge also works.

Hum During Oral Sex

Any time you touch the skin with something vibrating, you transmit sensation to a wider area than you would through simple stroking. So relax your lips (think Mick Jagger) and hum a tune (maybe “Brown Sugar”). Bring the outermost portion of your kisser in contact with the outside of her clitoris (the hood that covers the little nub) and her vaginal lips. Move your mouth around her clitoris—very slowly. When she can’t take any more, tap gently and in a circular motion with your fingertips on the swollen nub of the clitoris, or give it a few long, languid licks, staying in contact the whole time.

Play the Alphabet Game

Make capital letters with your tongue very slowly on her clitoris. See if you can make it 
to M.

Make Her Quiver, Not Shiver

When you’re giving her oral sex, think about the back of your neck: A soft touch can make you shiver, but a more substantial caress doesn’t. Her clitoris reacts to stimulation in the same way. Put your whole hand there for several minutes to build up her arousal. Then add your mouth, but keep using your hand, too; this will help her become accustomed to the feel of your tongue. Press firmly with the flat side of your tongue (don’t flick with the tip), and use plenty of saliva. If she enjoys the sensation, you can also insert a finger into her vagina. Many women find the sensation of simultaneous internal and external stimulation very arousing.

Leave Her Panties On

Next time, try giving her oral sex through her panties. She’ll like the way the damp cotton feels against her.

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