School Of Seduction

GirlThen: The Bored Housewife
Now: The Unhappy Cohabiter

Identify her
She moved in too soon with the wrong guy and is trapped in a sexless no-man’s land between duty and desire.
Seduce her
Seduction is about creating a fear of loss and a desire for gain. This girl has both – exploit them. “Used correctly, wordplays are actually embedded commands,” says body language expert Robert Phipps. “For example, say: ‘You look so fantastic you blow me away,’ and subtly gesture towards your crotch area. You lead her mind into options that weren’t necessarily there before.” Pointing and winking are wrong.

Then: The PE Hottie
Now: The Pilates Princess

Identify her
When she’s not at BodyPump or pilates classes, she’s checking her body-fat percentage and looking amazing in Lycra.
Seduce her
Next time you’re grunting beneath the bar-bell, think about this: “Working out shows women what they can expect to see above them during sex,” says Judi James, a relationship expert. “Most men look rank – eyes bulging like pickled onions. Use your gym work to advertise how great you look at the moment of orgasm! Go for a ‘pressure with a hint of pain and anguish’ look. Getting it right is the best pulling technique invented.”

Then: The Girl Buddy
Now: The Cocktail Chick

Identify her
She’s not downing pints anymore, but she’s still maxing out on a school night.
Seduce her
You don’t need pricey booze to win this girl. Just get her smiling. “Every single time she laughs or expresses a good emotion, anchor that feeling with a touch, either on yourself or on her,” says Phipps. “When you want to trigger that feel-good emotive state – like when you ask her back to your place – fire it at the moment she shows any hesitation.” Ignite those good-mood feelings and she’ll probably share your cab home. Hell, ask her to pick up the bar tab too.

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