Repeat The Best Sex Of Your Life

If you think the greatest sex you’ve ever had with your girl cannot be repeated, we’ve got good news for you. Here are four tips from sex experts to help you turn a one-off experience into regular nights of pleasure.

1. Your First-Time Sex
Why it’s special
That first-time excitement stemmed from novelty. “You’re more focused on the task at hand and tuned in to all your senses,” says Siski Green, author of How to Blow Her Mind in Bed. “Many men get sucked into repeating a sexual formula,” says Dr Pam Spurr, author of Fabulous Foreplay. “When that formula changes, it heightens excitement.”

Get it every night
“Approach her body in a new way,” says Green. “Try rubbing her in edible massage oil. Or use your penis as the point of contact with her erogenous zones. Or try role-play: Different personas can help you explore new scenarios.”

2. Make-Up Sex
Why it’s special
“Conflict resolution between a couple increases levels of testosterone,” says Dr Spurr. “This sends both your sex drives into overdrive, leaving your minds racing with sexual thoughts.”

Get it every night
“The good news is, you don’t have to fight to recreate the testosterone boost,” says Green. “Watching certain types of films also get those hormonal juices flowing.” University of Michigan researchers in the US found violent films or thrillers, such as The Godfather Part II, can increase testosterone levels by 30 per cent.

3. Break Up Sex
Why it’s special
A University of Arizona study in the US found that as a relationship breaks down, altered levels of hormones in men’s semen trigger their partners to start ovulating – increasing her biological drive for sex. It’s a subconscious trick designed for last-ditch impregnation.

Get it every night
“To recreate that hormonal boost, use aromatherapy,” says sex therapist Anton Michael Rocke. “Jasmine is renowned for its positive effect on sex drive. Some aromatherapy practitioners believe it also increases your libido.

4. Wedding Night Sex
Why it’s special
It’s the day she’s been longing for. She glowing with pride (and champagne) and looks stunning. “Women are full of the feel-good chemical dopamine on their wedding day,” says Dr Spurr. “That primes her to give as much pleasure as she’s receiving.”

Get it every night
“Repeating that wedding day frisson is all about spiking her dopamine levels,” says Dr Spurr. “It may sound cheesy, but playing your wedding song will get those feel-good chemicals flowing,” says sex therapist Dr Gloria Brame. Then, boost the effect through touch. “Gently nuzzle and kiss the nape of her neck,” says Dr Spurr. “This will help you bond again over your special day.”


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