Raid Her Room

There’s no better place to find out what that hottie you’ve been dating is like as a person than her home. MH does a Room Raiders-style expose.

Are You Her Bitch?
Look at her cushions
“Men rarely ‘get’ cushions,” says behaviour expert Judi James. “But they’re cheap, not often inherited and hugely telling about a woman. Unlike over-sized, sensual cushions, designer or leather suggest that she’s a cool and calculating individual.” Stop worrying: you are not in control.

Will She Be High Maintenance?
Look at her photos
Check out her party snaps. If she’s always front and centre, you’ve got a high-maintenance attention-seeker. “But if you see lots of photos of animals, she’s channeling a maternal instinct,” says New York psychologist Dr Gary Aumiller. Great if you have an Oedipal complex.

Is She In Need Of A Shrink?
Look at her bookshelf
Are her books organised by subject? By author maybe? “A personalised Dewey Decimal system can signify neuroticism,” says Dr Aumiller. “But general orderliness indicates someone who’s responsible.” Cluttered shelves are a sign she’s an open-minded free-thinker. Or maybe her cleaner’s away.

Is She Going To Be Clingy?
Look for pairs of anything
Two bedside tables, a lamp on each side of the bed, pairs of candles... “If you see pairs – and lots of them – run for the door if you don’t want 
a relationship,” says sexologist and author Yvonne K. Fulbright. “Consciously or not, she’s displaying the belief that creating balance in the bedroom invites love into your life.” Discreetly book a taxi for 3am.

Is The Sex Going To Be Wild?
Look at her walls
If you see pale blue walls and bed sheets, forget it. “Blue indicates calmness and order,” says colour psychologist Angela Wright. Your best bet is a mix of nurturing green, aggressive red and feminine pink. Or lots of handcuffs and whips.

Will Conversation Flow?
Look at her furniture
A cluttered room suggests an open book: She’ll spill all. “But a more private person will have the backs of chairs facing doors and confined traffic patterns,” says design psychologist Dr Constance Forrest. A drink or massage should help her relax.


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