Places To Go For The Perfect Date

Tired of bringing your girlfriend to the same old places? Or do you have a new girl whom you want to impress? Where you choose to go on your date can even bring your relationship to the next level. Here are the Men's Health guide to the perfect seduction destinations.


If it’s your first date, you might want to consider taking her to your preferred beverage brewer. Potential couples only need an hour to decide if they’re compatible or not, found a New York University study. A fuss-free date at Starbucks will ensure a quick getaway if there’s no chemistry. Plus, you won’t have a heavy bill to foot. But long-time couples can benefit from partaking of brunch at the coffee shop, too. “Going out at this time is novel and intimate, thus reinforcing your status as a close couple,” says Dr Ian Kerner, a member of The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.


“After three dates, she’ll be looking for signs that you’re ready to commit, and cooking  for her indicates an investment of your emotions,” says Dr Kerner. “Cooking  demonstrates an ability to take care of yourself, and of the people around you,” adds clinical sexologist and Men’s Health advisory board member Dr Martha Lee. “Being  domesticated is an asset, and can impress a woman.”


If you’ve been on a few dates but are still trying to decide if she’s the one, take her to a small eatery to persuade her to open up even more. “It feels more intimate,” says Dr Kerner. “It will also allow her to ask you questions, which in turn will make her feel closer to you.” Try Verve at Gillman Village for its great ambience and finger-licking good Duck with Hoisin Sauce Pizza.


A survey found that women would choose a comedy club over a bar on a late-night date because it’ll lighten the atmosphere. “Humour is infectious,” says Dr Lee. “When laughter is shared, it can increase happiness and intimacy.” Bonus: Laughing boosts dopamine, the body’s feel-good chemical. Check out The Comedy Club @ DXO, Esplanade Mall for side-splitting acts every Wednesday to Friday night.


Splashing out on a concert will make you happier than buying material goods, a US study found. Choose soft rock: Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts found it will make her rate you as more  attractive and easy-going. Visit for a comprehensive listing of the acts set to hit our shores in the future.

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