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Flying to Singapore to film season 3 of Supermodelme was the first time that Tiffany Leigh Warne had left her native Australia. And what a fruitful journey it turned out to be for the 18-year-old as she emerged winner of this multi-platform modelling reality series. Fending off the challenge of 11 other hopefuls from all over Asia, Tiffany overcame several difficult challenges, including shooting underwater, to walk away with the title, $20,000 and other attractive prizes. Not bad for someone who's only been in the industry for about a year.

"Finally, My Long Giraffe Legs Were Good For Something"
Tiffany got her start in modelling after being talent-scouted on the streets of Perth in Australia. She cheekily credits her modelling break to her legs. "Finally, my long giraffe legs were good for something!" she quips. But she really does enjoy her job. "I love everything about modelling. I adore make up, getting my hair done (because I'm useless at doing hair) and fashion, obviously. I love that every single job is different because my short attention span means I get bored of doing the same thing very quickly. This is exactly what I've always wanted to do, every day I wake up and still feel shocked that I get to be doing what I've always dreamed about!" she gushes.

"Supermodelme Was The Greatest Thing I've Ever Done"
Even though she loved her time in the competition, it was no bed of roses for this babe of Australian and Indian descent. "Supermodelme was the greatest thing I've ever done in my entire life! I had no idea what to expect, and there is no way I could have expected it!" Tiffany says, "Like running on a treadmill in heels, or an underwater photo challenge or being romantic in a car with a famous MTV host. It was the most difficult but most rewarding experience of my life." One of those rewarding experiences included performing on stage with Singapore Hip Hop band, Sixx, for the Rockstar Photo Challenge -- which made her very excited -- as well as making a cereal box fort from cereal boxes, and playing paintball in the mud.

What was her strategy for survival in the show (which eliminated a contestant each week)? "If anyone wanted to start a fight, I planned to hide under my bed with a box of cereal and never come out,"she says, "Or alternatively, just being myself and always being ridiculously positive no matter what. I seemed to survive in the end, although I lost my voice and sounded like a man for about a month after the competition because of all the screaming I did at the finale.

Not All About The Glam
But performing with rockstars aside, Tiffany confesses that modelling isn't just about turning up pretty. "I'm not glamorous until the make up artist has worked his or her magic on my face!" she says, "Sometimes the call times are before the sun even rises or straight after a long flight and can last all day, and you have to keep going no matter how tired or sick or hungry you are because it's your job! I run between my castings sweating like a pig and doing it all day until I'm exhausted and have no idea how I'm going to do it again tomorrow because my legs won't get up from bed!" Yet, she still loves what she does. "But in the end it's worth it and I always reward myself with some kind of chocolate and a big lazy sleep in straight after!" she adds.

Tiffany on...

How she spends her free time
"When I'm not modelling, I'm learning card tricks, doing puzzles and always with my friends. We literally live at my house all together and just have ridiculous amounts of fun going out for High Tea or parties or doing our nails and being extremely immature. I love them more than life and cheeseburgers!

What she looks for in a man
"Nothing too special, just flawless looks, incredible abs, taller than me, abilities to cook, a hilarious sense of humour, wears Hugo Boss cologne, likes long walks on the beach, buys me Tiffany & Co. jewellery just because he loves me, sends me flowers for no reason, isn't arrogant, doesn't smell like feet, has a brain, wants to marry me and buy me a castle...Does he even exist? No? Okay, as long as he has a sense of humour and likes cheeseburgers, I'm happy. Looks are important, but as long as he looks good to me then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. (Although if anyone reading this looks like Zac Efron, I'd love to meet you...Even if you smell like feet.)"

What makes a guy sexy
"BICEPS! And eyes...It's always the eyes. If he can just look at me and I suddenly go weak at the knees and find myself unable to form a sentence (which never occurs), then I know he must be special. I love a good rugged man! If he can pick me up with his massive biceps and carry me around, or grate cheese on his abs because they're so defined, SEXXYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! But the trick is: He can't know he's sexy. Arrogance is such a turn off, but the perfect amount of swagger...Mmmmm, boys, form a line!

Her idea of a perfect date
"One that ends with a big Tiffany's diamond and a "Will you marry me?" request? Something personal and nothing cliché. I find movie dates super awkward, two hours of sitting in silence isn't exactly an ideal situation for a date. So something spontaneous and fun that we can laugh at ourselves doing is a big YES! When a guy shows he can be a gentleman, and he genuinely means it (like opening the door, paying the bill, pulling out your chair), my heart starts pounding so much I'm afraid I'm going into cardiac arrest. Prove to me real romance exists and I am yours! 

Best move on a date
Wearing a suit! Aaahh a man in a suit is the sexiest thing in the world (besides a man with no shirt...); Pulling out my chair;
picking up the cheque; telling me I'm beautiful (even if I have food in my teeth?) and actually laughing at my jokes. Because I like to think I'm rather humourous...

Photos courtesy of Supermodelme Season 3 and Chadwick Models.
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