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Forget about your typical movie-and-dinner routine if you're planning a date with 27-year-old Lili Nassier. The Female 50 Gorgeous People 2009 finalist prefers to hit the beach or scuba-dive or rock-climb; anything to do with the outdoors.

The self-confessed adrenaline junkie admits that her idea of a perfect date is, "Where one is left red-faced, pumped with adrenaline and gasping for breath at the end of the day." Considering she works in the emergency ambulance service, this lady probably already has her fair share of excitement in her life. She's even delivered a baby before in the course of her work!

You don't need to end up in an accident to catch her eye though. Lili lists a few factors that will definitely impress her on a first meeting. "I appreciate a man who is well-groomed. He doesn't have to be all hunky and good-looking. A man who looks like he has made effort for the date, like making sure the colours of his outfit matches, always gets a thumbs up from me." Another tip you should try is hold open the door for her. "I still believe in chivalry. So, opening the door, letting me go first and asking me what I want to eat instead of deciding for me, goes a long way."

What other quality does she look for in a guy? "I am attracted to geeks! I think it's because they're shy and quiet by nature. There's something kinky about that. I also dig intelligent men. We can sit with a mug of warm chocolate and banter for hours. I love stripping a guy's mind." But it helps if you are also fit, a quality she finds "very, very attractive."

Just don't start bragging about what car you drive or how much you earn. That's an instant turn-off for Lili, as she explains, "I loathe men who are loud. I know you've achieved a lot in life but you don't have to continuously blow your own trumpet for the whole world to hear. I sense there's a hint of insecurity in them and insecure men aren't attractive to me."

Lili's 6 Secrets To A Successful Relationship

Be Magnanimous

Nobody's perfect. It's easy to forget why we love a person in the first place, when those imperfections surface. Forgive the imperfections and move on. Better still, turn those imperfections into strengths.

Be A Good Listener

Never assume you know. Listen and when listening doesn't provide enough information, ask. Sometimes, we get too complacent in a relationship that we forget to ask and when we ask, we sometimes forget to listen.

Never Think You Know Your Partner Too Well

Continue to be fascinated with her. People change over the years so take time to learn those changes. She's like a treasure box waiting to be discovered.

Be Appreciative

Thank her when she does something nice for you and apologise when you do something wrong. No matter how bad your day is, remember that she doesn't have a part in it; it's your boss or colleague who caused it. Whine, and move on. Tell her you love her, and say it often.

Cool Down

More often than not, we say things we don't mean when we're angry so take the time to cool down.

Be Faithful

Never, ever, have a third party in the picture

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