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Sex & Relationships

MH Woman: Kim Chiu


Filipina actress, Kim Chiu, is one of those girls you'd want to bring home to meet your mother. She's sweet, pretty and a little shy even. Currently starring in The Two of Us on Channel 5, the 20-year-old sweetie has captured hearts and minds back in her home country since becoming the first winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition in 2006. In fact, she was the only one who was never voted out. That's quite a feat in a dog-eat-dog type of reality show!

Obviously there's something quite lovable about this girl and it's no surprise that her role in The Two of Us pits her as the object of desire between two brothers played by Gerald Anderson and Jake Cuenca. If she had it her way, she says she would go for Gerald but that's only because the two of them have known each other for four years and "we are very comfortable working with each other".

In fact, Kim and Gerald have teamed up in a number of on-screen projects since their days on Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition and many speculate that the two are in fact a couple in real life. That's something the actress denies, saying,"I've never been in a serious relationship before. How boring is that? Now my priority is my acting career and besides, I haven't found the right guy yet."

So what sort of criteria must this "right guy"fit?
I like a guy who is a gentleman, honest and responsible. He must respect the girl and knows his priorities in life. It's also important that he be who he is with no pretentions.

If the roles of the love triangle were reversed and you and your sister were chasing the same guy, what would you do? Would you still remain friends?
I wouldn't go that far. If from the start, my sister or a friend likes the same guy, I will give in. I don’t like competition. If we're meant for each other, love will find a way and if he truly loves me, why compete? He'll choose me.

How can a guy impress you on a first date?
A good sense of humour will help! I laugh easily, even if it's lame. It also helps if he's neat and presentable.

What's your idea of an ideal date?
I'm very simple. A cande-lit dinner is fine; I would also enjoy a whole day at the amusement park. Simple things make me happy. I'm fine so long as the guy respects me, knows his limitation and shows effort on our date.

So would you rather spend your weekend partying or a quiet night in?
I really don't party. I'm more of the laidback-type. I like staying home, chilling with friends while sharing good food. I love siew mai and Chinese food!  I do consider shopping a hobby though, and if I have the time, I go car racing with my friends!

If you had the chance to be in any love triangle with two hot guys of your choice, who would they be?
I would still choose Gerald and Jake because even if they have differences, they are equally hot!

Catch The Two of Us at 7pm, Tuesday to Thursdays, on Ch 5 (StarHub Ch 102).



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