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If you think that you've seen Cordelia Low before, it's probably because you have. Cordelia has been a freelance model for the past three years, working on various major and private events, magazine and newspaper spreads as well as various pageants and fashion shows. Currently spotted on those EZlink ads plastered in the MRT, Cordelia is also a former Miss Singapore World 2007 finalist, a SingTel Grid Girl 2nd runner-up and brand ambassador for cosmetic line Shiseido Majolica Majorca. She even endorses Canon Selphy printers! The sheer number of events and achievements under her belt is a testament to her willingness to work hard, as well as her popularity.

The bubbly 22-year-old enjoys what she does, especially meeting new people and people who appreciate her work in return, although being in the public eye, it's no surprise that Cordelia meets with her fair share of weirdos including having people impersonate her on Facebook, receiving indecent proposals and even having her pictures ending up on unwanted sites.

"I did get quite a lot of disgusting messages on Facebook and asking me sex-related questions on my Formspring," she shares. "I once had a guy following me up the escalator and he demanded for my number. I guess that was the craziest I had!" Cordelia also shares about one of the job hazards she faces as a booth girl, "There is this one infamous person that all the booth girls will avoid generally. I guess if you take one or two pictures, we are cool. but when you overdo it, and be really scary, I'll simply tell them off." Otherwise, Cordelia's favourite approach to unwanted attention is to "Ignore, ignore, ignore!" That's the best way, she says.

If you really want to take a picture of a booth girl, there's a really simple way. "Just ask nicely! Easy peasy!" Cordelia exclaims. Forget pickup lines. "Honestly, I don't think pickup lines work. I once heard this pickup line and I thought it was beyond terrible! "Your dad must be a terrorist, because he made a bomb,"she laughs. "Thank god  the line wasn't used on me!"

The best way to befriend someone is to keep your approach simple (and this doesn't just apply to booth girls). "Starting off with asking for her MSN contact, or asking to add on Facebook would be nice! Simple does it! Taking her out to coffee would be sweet as well. Just don't be the scary stalker type!" If you're lucky, the girl you're interested in shares Cordelia's approach. "Personally, if I'm interested in the person, I'll talk to the person first. That's my view!"

Cordelia on...

Making A Good First Date Impression
1. Be yourself
2. I do agree that men should pay for the first two to three dates (That's how you make an impression!)
3. Send her home, at least to her lift or even better, her door step!

Things Guys Should Never Do On Dates
1. Try to sing (it becomes annoying after a while).
2. Try to get fresh on the first date.
3. Dress like it's retro night.

"All this has happened to me before!" she exclaims.

What Turns Her On About A Man
"His nose! (laughs) Surprisingly, I like noses. And I got something new that I like. Goaties. I don't know why. Maybe because the current guy I'm seeing has a really cute nose and goatie."

What Should All Guys Know About Women?
"Women love affection. We love the way guys hold our hands, cuddles, small kisses, everything! Show us the affection boys!"


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