Make Her Seduce You

A ratty bathrobe can be a compliment. It means she's comfortable around you. She's saying that your relationship is at a point when all the superficial stuff is unnecessary. But you love some of that superficial stuff -- like the short skirts and high heels she wore to catch your attention. How do you get her to wear them more often?

Give her a reason to be sexy
If you want to inspire her to dress in a sexy way, give her something to be excited about. Buy tickets to Wicked the Musical, take her to a romantic hotel bar, or make dinner reservations and talk up 'date night' all week. If she knows you think the plans are romantic, she'll dress to impress.
If she looks good, tell her
Tell her when she looks irresistible so she'll dress that way again. "She may not know that you noticed,"says Yvonne Fulbright, author of Hot Guide to Safer Sex, "so why should she bother?" You may think your dropped jaw communicates how hot she looks. It helps, but she needs more. "Women get intimacy from words," says anthropologist Helen Fisher, author of Why We Love. Articulate the effect she's having on you. Say, "When you wear that sweater, it makes me want to peel it off of you."
Surprise her
Women love gifts. This isn't a news flash, so why aren't you surprising her with sexy clothes? And this doesn't mean intimate lingerie -- that's too obvious. Giving a woman a low-cut cashmere sweater or a short, silky robe is a good way to get her to show more skin.
You dress up, too
This is a two-way street. Wear the shirt she says brings out your eyes, and the pants that show off you butt. If you make an effort, she'll want to keep up with you.


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