Make Her Fall For You (Without Her Realising It)

The use of physical stimuli and verbal triggers can help plant positive images of you in her mind. Use these tricks to tap on her subconscious thoughts and make her believe that you're the man of her dreams.

Show Her You're Her Ideal Man
Use: Trance words.
Used by: Ross Jeffries, neurolinguistic programming expert and founder of Speed Seduction (

Decoding her poker face is easier than you might think. Studies by the Social Issues Research Centre in the UK proved that while it’s possible to control your words and facial expressions, your real thoughts will slip out via “unconscious leakage”, such as secondary body language and key phrases.
“The words she puts particular emphasis on, or repeats frequently, are her trance words,” says Jeffries. “By using the same words, you will be able to tap into her subconscious. When she hears you use them, she’ll feel like you understand her, and she’ll like and trust what you say more.” For example, if she uses adjectives like “fantastic” and “amazing” to describe people she likes, feed these back to her in questions. The more of her trance words you can weave into the conversation, the more effective the trance – and your connection. Not to mention your odds of having fantastic, amazing sex with her later on.
You can also use trance words to get a pay rise. Research carried out at the University of Texas Medical School shows that your boss is more likely to promote you if he recognises a similar way of thinking. So, observe the way he addresses problems and mimic his watchwords. Knowing which football team he supports won’t go amiss either.
Arouse Her With Your Fingers
Use: Anchoring.
Used by: Journalist and lady killer Neil Strauss, author of The Game.
According to studies recently published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, “anchoring” is the act of linking stimuli to a positive emotion. Once her brain has linked the stimuli and the emotion, you can trigger the desired effect whenever you want.
“Challenge her to a game of truth or dare,” says La Ruina. “When she picks truth, ask her to describe the time when she was most sexually aroused. Try and make her recall the scene in as much detail as possible, so she begins to mentally re-live the moment. She may begin to feel flushed and touch her neck. Respond by either mirroring her gesture or touching her hand. This is your anchor.”
Anchoring can work to your disadvantage, too. Men with stressful commutes can become negatively anchored by the mere mention of “tube”. Dr Ashok Gupta, a UK-based stress management expert, recommends a simple meditation solution: “Close your eyes, rest your hands facing upwards, breathe deeply and slowly from the bottom of the diaphragm, then relax and visualise future successes.”
Foster A Closer Relationship
Use: Conversational hypnosis.
Used by: TV illusionist and mind reader Derren Brown employs purposefully indeterminate language and gestures to wrong-foot his subjects.
Both language and non-verbal communication can lend itself to uncertainty and misinterpretation. In the 1950s, American philosopher and linguist Noam Chomsky argued that in order to understand what people mean by their words or actions, the brain has to make quick assumptions. You have roughly half a second to decide what is meant before responding. That half-second is your opportunity and can make all the difference to the final result.
Successful suitors use ambiguous gestures to fill in the gaps while their subjects contemplate their responses. “Try asking her, as casually as you can: ‘Have you ever met someone you can really trust?’” says Jeffries. “As you do so, blithely divert attention
towards yourself. Keep it subtle – all you have to do is place your hand lightly on your chest. Of course, the subtext is that the trustworthy man is you and, by artful suggestion, you can influence her comeback.”
Conversational hypnosis can be just as effective in a job interview. When you reach the “Do you have any questions?” stage, ask your interviewer what qualities would mark out the perfect candidate and, at the same time, encourage focus on yourself by straightening your tie or glasses.


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