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It's official: Everything proves that the 2012 woman has a very different shape from what we – or even she – imagine, reports a study by North Carolina State University in the US, when more than 6,000 women were biometrically analysed. Modern figures can now be placed in four distinct categories. Here’s how to identify each silhouette, appeal to her mind and make the absolute most of her body’s contemporary charms.

a. Rectangular: 46 per cent
The largest group of women now have a toned, svelte shape, with hips having roughly the  same circumference as their bust.
Trim women tend to take exercise seriously, so praise that. “But avoid making jokes such as ‘I bet you could do more push-ups than me!’” says psychologist  Anne Rettenberg. “It highlights your low self-esteem.”
“Women who are athletic want you to know it,” says Lou Paget, author of How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure. “They love positions that prove they’re strong and fit.” So use it to your advantage.
Try the  headboard missionary. Get into the missionary position, but with your feet at the headboard end.  Ask her to clench her thighs around you, and rock back and forth. Better still, ditch your usual thrusting technique and use your feet to push off the headboard. “You’ll make  shorter, flatter strokes that allow you to stay in contact with her clitoris,” says Paget.
b. Spoon: 20 per cent
Also known as “pear”, this body shape applies to women with hips two or more inches larger than their bust.
These women can be self-conscious about their shape. “Tell her she looks great in her jeans. Women derive confidence from knowing that their fashion choices flatter them,” says Rettenberg.
Try sex positions that make them feel smaller: “Girl on top is out,” says Paget. “They tend to like a mixture of deep penetration and clitorial stimulation.”
Women of this body shape are often self-conscious about their “heavier end”. Paget says: “To ensure she’s relaxed enough to try something new, dim  the lights – and try the scissors lock.” Engage each other while in a “scissors” position by both lying on your sides at right angles, with your legs interlocked like two pair of open scissors. Then, hold her right hand with your left, and use your free hand to pleasure her clitoris.
c. Inverted Triangle: 13 per cent
This refers to women whose busts are three or more inches bigger than their hips, making them visibly more top-heavy.
“Avoid talking about breasts until a relationship is established,” says Rettenberg. “Then praise indirectly by saying she looks amazing in a bikini, or great in lingerie. Never tell her she has ‘enormous boobs’.”
“These women will be proud of two parts of their body,” says Paget. “They will love their breasts and they will like their slender legs – so choose a position that plays to their strengths.”
Try the vertical leg-pull. Stand at the end of the bed and engage her  while she’s on her back in bed. Bend her legs at a right angle to her stomach, her knees  over the insides of your elbows. “You get the stimulation of seeing her boobs, while also paying attention to her legs,” says Paget. “This will push your hips forward and lift her  up, giving arousing G-spot stimulation.”
d. Hourglass: 8 per cent
Less than 10 per cent of women now have the equal hip-to-bust ratio and narrow waist made famous by 1950s sex symbols.
“Those with high body confidence are more likely to be aware of their shapes, and maximise their assets in the way they walk and dress,” says behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings. “If she flaunts her curves, laud them.”
“Rear entry is the most pleasurable position for an hourglass woman because she loves it when you hold her narrow waist,” says Paget.
Try the doggy pillow. “Let her rest her chest on a pillow while engaging her in the doggy position,” says Paget. “You’ll alleviate the possibility of squishing her breasts, and allow her to raise or lower her back, changing the angle of the stroke.” And never, ever slap her backside (unless she wants you to).


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