How To Deliver A Hot French Kiss

Don’t go in all tongue wagging. Attain mastery of her lips with these hot tips.
Make her say “Oohla-la!” with these three simple steps – expert advice from William Cane, author of The Art of Kissing, and Dr Justin R. Garcia, a researcher at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction in the US.

1. Lead her on
Don’t go in all tongue wagging. In fact, don’t start the kiss by kissing at all. Stimulate her secondary erogenous zones by using your hands to softly touch or stroke her neck and jawline. Or run your fingers through her hair. This will prolong the anticipation and heighten the mood.

2. Build the mood
Hot kisses should start slowly and intensify. Begin by kissing her lower lip softly. She can breathe easier when you do this, which allows her to control the smooch. When you feel her excitement rising (among other things), lightly touch the tip of her tongue with yours. The area has more nerve endings than almost any other part of the body.

3. Put your body into it
As the kiss heats up, move towards her such that she can rub your back and pull you even closer. To heat things up, open your mouth wider to let her bring in more tongue. Gradually add quicker soft-tongue movements. Don’t forget about your mouth’s other power: giving her compliments. You can extend and intensify the kiss by pausing to whisper endearments in her ear, after which you can segue into neck kisses.


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