Have Better Sex Tonight

The key to great sex is to make sure that you get her in the mood. One way is to incorporate massage as part of foreplay. Here's how to blow her mind tonight, and then some, with these instant boosters.

Massage Before
Massage oil mixed with primrose oil and vitamins C and E will increase her sexual desire and the frequency of orgasms. Want it to be pleasurable instead of painful? Try this massage technique.

Love Bites
Gentle biting brings blood to the skin's surface, making you more sensitive to touch - meaning you both come more quickly.
On All Fours
For better orgasms, have sex doggy-style. The intensity is 18 per cent stronger in this position, as it directly stimulates the frenulum. That's the thin strip of skin that runs down the underside of the head of the penis to the shaft.
Come Together
The Coital Alignment Technique allows simultaneous orgasms. Lift yourself up, so the base of your penis makes contact with her clitoris. Relax your upper body and allow her to bear your weight. Now have her press her pelvis into yours; you respond in kind. Allow her to set a rhythm that feels right, and keep up the tango until the ceiling collapses.
Massage After
Masage after sex maintains the flow of the feel good hormone oxytocin, so she'll orgasm easier the second (and third, and fourth...) time around.


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