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More Wedding-Night Sex
Get her nostalgic. “To repeat that wedding-day frisson, all you need to do is get her dopamine levels spiking,” says Pam Spurr, author of Fabulous Foreplay. First off, connect back to the happy day. “It may sound cheesy, but playing your wedding song will get those feel-good chemicals flowing,” says sex therapist Gloria Brame. Then, with her reward system triggered, boost the effect through touch. “Gently nuzzle and kiss the nape of her neck,” says Spurr. “This helps you bond again over your special day.”

More First-Time Sex
To regain that unstoppable hotness of the first time you got down with her, try something new. “Mimic that sense of exploration by approaching her body in a new way,” says Green. “Physically, try rubbing her with edible massage oil. Or instead of fondling with your hands, use your manhood as the point of contact with her erogenous zones.” (Just don’t try it on a neck rub.) “Psychologically, you need to get away from the fact that she’s your partner, so experiment with role-playing.” Different personas can help you to explore new scenarios, positions and body parts. If you can see this idea going down, suggest alternating weeks of responsibility for coming up with ideas. “This way, she won’t feel it’s a criticism,” says Green.

More Vacation Sex
Hotel rooms with beaches outside just makes you wanna... To recreate that, you need a change of scene. There’s no need to cross time zones though, just turn off all communication devices and book into a hotel. “By absolving all responsibilities for the day, you’ll both unwind,” says Dr Wilson. “Give her a confidence boost by booking her a manicure, facial and studio-tanning session,” says Green. This will leave her feeling more attractive. And studies in the Journal of Sex Research confirm that this is linked to increased sexual desire and satisfaction.

More Make Up Sex
Fighting increases your testosterone which sends your libido into overdrive. But you don’t actually have to fight to recreate the testosterone boost,” says Green. “Watching certain genres of films will also get the requisite hormonal juices flowing.” Violent films or thrillers can actually increase testosterone levels by 30 per cent, according to University of Michigan researchers. More emotionally in-touch offerings like the insipid The Bridges of Madison County had the reverse effect.


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