Enjoy An Office Hook Up Without The Lawsuit

Everyone says it - don't sh*t where you eat - but come on, a hot chick is a hot chick. If you really want to hook up with the hottie in Sales, keep these pointers in mind so you can have your cake, and eat it. The last thing you'd want is facing a nasty Ex, every bloody single day. 

1. Make Your Move
The snag: You’ve been eyeing each other up for ages: At the cafeteria, on the way to the loo or even while you wait at the fax machine. You’re just not sure if she’s really keen or has a squint.

The fix: Flirting in the workplace is fantastic distraction from day-to-day drudgery, but that’s usually as far as it goes. A survey published by Top Sante magazine found that 75 percent of women have enjoyed a little teasing talk, but only 28 percent had taken the banter further. A good way to test the water is to move from talking to her to touching her. “This ups the ante and if she’s just into flirting, she’ll back off,” says Yvonne Fulbright, author of The Hot Guide to Safer Sex. Try brushing past her in the corridor, or shaking hands with her for a few seconds longer than you would a friend. If she moves away, or worse, shudders, you should take a hint.

2. Make Her Move
The snag:
It was fun, but you don’t want to do it again.

The fix: It seemed like a great idea – until you woke up sharing bed space with her Barbie collection. Now you need to gently let her down. “Ignoring her is not an option,” says counselor Kathy Sibley. “You don’t want to end up avoiding her at work. Talk about things frankly and ask her how she thinks it’s best to deal with each other at work.” Even if she wants more, asking her opinion shows you respect her and want to maintain a good working relationship. Likewise, Fulbright says, “Avoid personal reasons for rejecting her: She’s not what you’re looking for because of X, Y and Z, for example.” Invent an ex who you still have feelings for or use working together as your excuse. Get this wrong and you can guarantee a less than positive, and probably public assessment of your sexual performance.

3. Make Sweet Love
The snag: It was supposed to be one-off, but you fancy a little more.

The fix: “Proceed with caution,” warns online agony uncle, Andy Erdman. “Office love can be tricky. It’ll be really awkward if it doesn’t work out – how are you going to feel if she starts seeing someone else?” If you’ve decided it’s worth the risk, then you need to ask her out for dinner or drinks – on your own. Once you’ve established that you’re both keen, the next thing is to discuss the workability of an office relationship –especially if it’s the kind of thing that your boss would frown upon. “Getting expectations out in the open will make things easier and help avoid misunderstandings,” says Fulbright. And once you’ve decided to go for it, there’s nothing more exhilarating than sex on the boss’ desk.

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