Condom Types: Ribbed, Roomy, Menthol-flavoured—Here's What She Thinks

How women really feel about condoms designed for their pleasure.

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By Yu-Kym

1. Studded And Ribbed

Studded and ribbed condoms may not be suitable for everyone. One woman's condom is another woman's discomfort. Some women love the additional sensation caused by the raised studs and ribs, some complain that it makes them feel raw and sore, while others don't feel any difference in sensation compared to the standard condom. The only way to know for sure is to try it.


2. Roomy-headed

Roomy-headed condoms are meant to increase pleasure from the additional friction. Again, the effectiveness varies from person to person: some women experience increased pleasure but others find these condoms irritating.


3. Menthol Flavoured

Condoms with menthol may initially feel like you have put your mints in the wrong place. But with an open mind and some getting used to, it adds a new dimension to the experience – or at the very least, keeps you smelling fresh down there.


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