Cheat Your Way To Better Sex

To enjoy mind-blowing sex on a regular basis, try these tricks in the bedroom to give yourself - and her - more pleasure.

Masturbate Regularly
Ejaculations don't just feel good; they're also good for you, says Dr. Darius Paduch, an associate professor of urology at Cornell University. "Masturbate as often as you'd like to be having sex," he adds. "What really matters is having an adequate outlet. Your penis doesn't care whether the outlet is sex or masturbation."

Find Your Best Position
For maximum pleasure in the bedroom, forget reverse cowgirls and sexual origami. Just turn her around. According to research from The Kinsey Research Institute, the intensity of male orgasms is 18 per cent stronger in the doggie-style position than in any other because it directly stimulates the frenulum. That's the fold of tissue under the penis head, in case you're wondering.

Last Longer In Bed
Work your bulbocavernous muscle. Why? Because "when this muscle contracts, nerves send a signal up your spinal cord to suppress arousal and keep you harder for longer," says urologist Dr Alex Paduch. To find your bulbocavernous, place your fingers behind your scrotum and try to flex the muscle there. (If you feel your stomach contract, you're squeezing the wrong muscle.) Now, move your hand to your stomach, and while keeping your abs relaxed, start masturbating. When you're about to ejaculatae, flex your bulbocavernous. Once you get the hang of it, flex it during sex.

Know Where To Stroke Her
"One of the most erotic zones on a woman's body runs along the nape of her neck to her hairline," says Dr. Martha Lee, clinical sexologist at Eros Coaching. "Packed with fine vellus hairs, it can send rapid electrical signals directly to the arousal centres of her brain. Gentle massage here is an instant turn-on and equivalent to 10 minutes of oral sex." Not that you ever need a stopwatch, of course.


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