The Chat-Up Prep List

Before you make your move on that hot babe you've been eyeing the past few weeks, you may want to do some preparation. Besides checking your zip's not undone and there's nothing stuck between your teeth, you should consider getting yourself a tan, or maybe even a new shirt to boost your chances of scoring her phone number. 

Be A Familiar Face
Want to make that cute girl from Marketing notice you? Walk pass her desk regularly. Experts say that familiarity makes a person more appealing. This “mere exposure” will also help when you strike up a conversation later. But don’t sidle up or get too close. Approach her face-to-face and keep an arm’s length's distance. 

Get A Tan
The beach is a great place to check out good-looking babes, but there's another reason for you to soak up the rays. University of Arizona studies found women are biologically programmed to seek out men with tanned skin because they’re perceived as older, richer and more “dangerous”. So while you're bronzing yourself, and scoping out the hotties at Tanjong Beach, you're also boosting your own chances of getting noticed. Just slap on the sunblock before you head there.

Keep It Simple
Forget convoluted pick-up lines if you’re interested in chatting up that cutie you keep bumping into in the lift. According to a recent study, 45 per cent of women agree that “Hi” is the most successful pick-up line you can use, when delivered with a smile. It really can be that simple. So work on those pearly-whites and handshake, guys.

Show Off Your Wit
Researchers say six out of 10 women are more likely to fall for a guy who breaks the ice with a light-hearted one-liner. And nearly half are still dating or married to a man who approached them with a funny quip. Says Aubrey Sim, Men's Health Girl-Next-Door, " A guy who’s confident, well brought-up and funny would impress me the most. Someone who is confident enough to be self-deprecating and can make me laugh, would be very attractive."

Stand Out With Red
If today's the day you want to make your move, wear red. Research shows that women are more attracted to men wearing that colour. Red is associated with power and status and catches women’s attention. Even if you don’t wear it, just being near the colour works! If you don't have a maroon or rouge-coloured shirt in your wardrobe, make a quick shopping trip during lunch.



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