Catfight Control

FightingDon’t let your girlfriend's jealous nature sabotage your best female friendships. Here’s how to stop the bloodshed and manage the women in your life.

The Sexy Co-worker
Your sexy office gal pal has unfettered access to half of your weekday, and your girl fears this face time can spark a cubicle romance.

Ease her fears: Play show and tell. Give your girl a guided tour of the office, introduce her to your coworkers – including Ms Great Legs – and end at your desk, where she’ll find a prominently displayed picture of herself. It’s a talisman that wards off flirty office workers, says Dorian Solot, author of I Love Female Orgasm. “It shows her that she’s on your mind while you’re on the clock.

The University Cohort
You spent four boozy, sexually-charged years with this girl who knows the secret handshake and dated half of your fraternity. What’s more, unlike your girl, she has a standing invitation to game day and poker night.

Ease her fears: Paint the friend as a mascot, not a romantic interest, says Susan F. Benjamin, author of Perfect Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People. And invite your gal to a few reunion parties, so she’ll see that the cutie sits squarely in your “like-a-sister” category.

The Matriarch
Your woman feels resentful about her own need to impress your mum.

Ease her fears: Ship your ladies off to a wine-tasting together. Each wants to win the other’s approval, which can lead to insecurities and false perceptions, says Gini Graham Scott, PhD, author of Disagreements, Disputes and All-out War. A retreat with some vino will melt away any hang-ups.

The Facebook Fox
You’ve dutifully declared you’re “in a relationship” on your MySpace or Facebook profile. But she worries it means nothing to the harem of cybervixens on your friends list.

Ease her fears: Let her plant a flag in your digital world. If they’re not online, too, girlfriends and wives place these sites just a notch above porn. Help her create her own page and bump her up to the top of your friends list.

The Gym Goddess
Your trainer is single and oozes sexuality from every pore. You may say her post-workout chats are harmless, but your girlfriend knows better (and so do you, playa).

Ease her fears: Play matchmaker and set her up with a friend, says Solot. Face it: You’re taken, and she’s a temptress. Best to try this under-utilised brush-off, which will allow you two to still chat at the gym. The move takes her off your gal’s worry list.

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