The Better-Sex Guarantee

Getting more sex can be as simple as doing more of what she enjoys in bed and less of what she doesn't. Figuring out what she turns her on, and what makes her a cold fish -- that's a challenge. But these sure-fire seduction tips should ease your bedroom anxieties.

Make The Missionary More Effective
"It's all about the angle of the dangle," says Alicia Saunders, Ph.D., a certified sex therapist in Short Hills, New Jersey. "In the missionary position, it's often difficult to stimulate the clitoris, and a man needs to have fairly strong arms and legs to be effective." If you must do it missionary style, put pillows under her backside to prop her up at a better angle; this will allow you to aim more effectively.

Use Gentle, Circular Motions
Rather than roughly shaving your hand down there and frantically rubbing away, try slowly tracing the outer edges of her labia with your fingertips while gently parting the lips. "Stretched skin tends to have greater sensitivity, so this should send waves of pleasure through her," says Lou Paget, a sex educator and author of The Big O.

You Can Never Focus Too Much On Her Breasts
You might think you focus too much on her breasts. You can't. According to Patti Britton, Ph. D., a clinical sexologist and the coach behind, a woman's nipples are the best place to stimulate her, outside of her genitals. But don't just grab and squeeze. Britton suggests first slowly circling your fingertips around the base of each nipple, then gently pushing down the tip and letting it spring back. "Like just about everything else, women need you to build toward the centre of interest and that certainly includes the nipples," she says.


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