Bedroom Moves That'll Make Her Sweat

Go wild with these crazy sex positions and we guarantee you'll give her a night she'll never forget. Be warned though, we don't recommend you try these unless you've spent some time at the gym - some of these techniques deserve a place in Cirque de Soleil. Make sure you keep the first-aid kit on standby. 

The Olympic Throne
You lie on your back with a pillow under your head. Raise both your knees in the air, forming the back of a 'chair'. Your partner sits, facing away, on your lower abdomen, and takes you in. Rock as needed.
Requirements: Strong hamstrings, gluteals and abs. A willingness to be used as a piece of sexual furniture.
Can't qualify? Try the Judge's Stand.
Same idea, except that you sit on the edge of the bed or a sturdy chair, and your partner, facing you, squats down on your penis.
The Downhill Racer
She assumes the childhood 'wheelbarrow' position -- her arms on the floor in front of her, legs up around your standing body, supported by your arms. You follow through with a decidedly un-childlike act.
Requirements: A partner with strong arms and a willingness to be used as a piece of sexual gardening equipment.
Can't qualify? Try The Bunny Slopes.
Assume the missionary position, but then, using her shoulders, pull yourself up farther along her body. This will make your pelvic bone grind into her clitoris -- it's like downhill racing, since your penis will be pointing down and around. Watch out for that tree.
The Heavy Lifter
She wraps her arms around your neck, and her legs around your hips. You support her with your hands under her thighs.
Requirements: Strong back, knees and arms. A partner who isn't Roseanne.
Can't qualify? Try The Gymnastic Horse.
Prop her up on a sturdy surface -- the kitchen table, for example -- that's the height of your hips.


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