Be The Life Of The Party

Parties are often a heady mix of babes, booze, food and music. But don’t lose yourself – we mean literally – in all that fun. Make the right impression on your fellow revellers – and be the life of any New Year party – with these nine simple tips.

1. Make A Grand Entrance
Pause briefly after you walk through the door. Quickly survey the room, acknowledging those whom you know at the far end first. As you walk toward the people you know, scan nearby, nodding and acknowledging people close to you, being as engaging as possible while still moving. Continue working the room until you catch up with the people at the far end – by then you’ll have made a favourable impression on those with whom you chatted and on those who were merely watching you. And with all the charm and charisma you’re oozing, the women would be thinking that they're being hit on by George Clooney.

2. Make a Good First Impression
Apart from your mates, you’ll be meeting strangers at parties. A person to whom you’ve just been introduced should get a clear impression that you’re truly enthused to make his or her acquaintance. That requires more than a routine, “Nice to meet you. Great party isn’t?” and a half-hearted extended hand. Consider switching to the slightly less common and courtlier, “I’m pleased to meet you,” or even “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” More importantly, remember to deploy the happy-to-meet-you voice lilt.

3. Make Small Talk With Strangers
After getting introductions out of the way, ask your new acquaintances about, say, the party tunes being played to break the ice. Whether it is Rihanna or LMFAO, everybody gets to share his or her opinion. Admittedly, the discussion may feel rather contrived in the beginning, but making small talk about pop culture is fun – and simple too.

4. Observe The Scene – Before The Babes
Before you lock on a target, make a mental note of the scene – the favourite dish of the night, for example, says Anisa Hassan, managing director, It's Just Lunch Asia. Once you have locked on to your target, step into her space and ask if she has tried the skewered shrimp that seems to be everyone's favourite,” suggests Anisa.

5. Compliment Her
Go beyond talking about food and compliment her for being such a tasty morsel – not! Praise her dress or accessory, and ask where she got it from. Tell her you want to get it for your sister, says Anisa. A study reveals that women spend 312 hours getting ready for year-end parties. The least you can do is show some appreciation of that effort.

6. Don’t Over-Indulge In Alcohol
Down too much of your favourite tipple and you’ll likely start losing control of the situation – and of yourself. Slobbering and slurring does not a pretty sight make – and you’ll be scaring off not only the host, but also the hot women you hope to impress. Even though you may want to let your hair down and enjoy the night with your buddies, choose responsibility over reckless fun, advises a dating expert. Not only will that cute babe throwing glances at you be won over, you’ll also be keeping saving yourself from a whole load of trouble – if you’re driving to your next destination later that evening.

7. Have a Mineral Water Chaser
To keep your alcohol and calorie intake in check, follow each drink with a glass of mineral water or soda. You’ll be keeping something in your hands to sip, but consuming only half the liquor and calories you otherwise would. Furthermore, zero-calorie, carbonated mineral water and lime looks just like a 170-calorie gin and tonic.

8. Keep Wet Wipes Handy

The humble wet wipe is a great weapon against party grooming disasters. If you’re breaking out into a sweat because of all the party action (it’s the humidity, we know), but don’t want to scare off everybody around you, beat BO by cleaning your pits with wet wipes before reapplying your cologne. Also get rid of the beads of sweat and the shine of oily skin with this versatile product – no blotter needed.

9. Bring Champagne To The Party
There is no more thoughtful gift for the host of a New Year’s party than a bottle of Champagne. While you can easily get a bottle anywhere, do put some effort into choosing the bubbly. Quentin Chiarugi, Head of Sales at J&D Burleigh makes the following recommendation, “Go for a Non-Vintage (NV), which offer the best value and is an easier style to drink. I often recommend a rose Non-Vintage such as Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose NV. This is a beautiful Champagne that can go well for both men and women.”


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